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I crave writing like I use to crave cheesecake with raspberry sauce

I crave writing

The dogs are asleep in the kennel. The house is quiet.

I am tired, but I crave writing. I crave writing like I use to crave cheesecake with raspberry sauce. It is 10:55 at night and I should go to bed.  I hate the word should.

When I lived in Calgary in 1978, and went to art school at the Alberta College of Art, a fun night out was cheesecake at my favorite restaurant with my friend Barbara.

I craved cheesecake. I thought about cheesecake during drawing class. I thought about cheesecake when I was stuck in traffic. I thought about cheesecake when I took a bath. I thought about cheesecake every minute I wasn’t eating it.

I planned when I could go again and order cheesecake. I saved my money so I could buy cheesecake. When I ate the cheesecake I took small bites and let each mouthful dissolve. I chewed each bite slowly and let the flavor linger in my mouth as long as possible.

I don’t eat cheesecake anymore, a no sugar diet. But I remember the pleasure of every bite of cheesecake. And I remember staring at the half eaten cheesecake on a neighboring table, wanting to shove their leftovers in my face. It was that good.

Now a night that is fun, is the dogs asleep in the kennel and a few minutes of quiet to think and write.

Having a thirteen week old puppy who has to be taken outside every ten minutes to pee has overtaken my life.

I think about writing all day. I think about writing while I walk the puppy. I think about writing while I feed the puppy. I think about writing while I clean up the puppies poop and clean the seven litter boxes.

I think about writing all day. I miss my keyboard. I miss writing.

The house is quiet and I have a few moments to myself.

I could fold laundry. I could take a bath. I could read a book. I could go to bed and try to sleep for a few hours before I have to take out the puppy with the bladder the size of a marble and let her pee.

But I write.

Do you take time each day to do what you crave? Cheesecake? Writing? What is your passion?

Please tell me in the comments. I would love to chat. ( But not too loud. I don’t want to wake the dogs.)


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  • I understand not liking the word “should”. There are a lot of things I should do but today I decided to write. Tomorrow I will try to catch up on the things I should have done today. I’m so glad you chose to write.

  • Writing is your sweet addiction. What a nice trade-off. Savor each word.

  • Janelle

    Your new puppy is so cute. Writing is a good addiction. I’ve also had some things interfere lately, and I agree, it’s hard to have itchy fingers:)

  • Elsie

    At least writing isn’t fattening like cheesecake and you are getting lots of exercise taking the dog out. I’m glad you opted to write rather than take a bath. Writing in my mind makes it so much easier when my fingers can get to a keyboard.