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What shoes did I wear to the beach this morning in Denmark? Or, who won the shoe battle?

It was a fierce battle between my shoes. They all wanted to be the pair chosen to go to Denmark. My pair of black flats were the most vocal, and a little whiny.

“I want to go! I want to go! Pick me! Pick me!” said the black flats.

What is the most important quality to have in a business? Or why I hired Toolan Landscaping to mow my lawn.

The sun is shining in Pennsylvania. It is spring, it has rained, and the grass is green and growing. It is that time of year where you pull out your old lawnmower, get the blade sharpened, and get ready to mow your lawn every week. Or you ask your friends for a recommendation for a […]

Would you be able to travel to Europe with only one outfit?

A few months ago I read an article about a women, Clara Bensen, who travelled to eight countries in twenty-one days with only the clothes she was wearing. She went on her trip with Jeff, a University professor she met on-line.

I read the article around the same time I was invited to go to Denmark with my husband. He was invited to speak at The DAPUG (Database Application Programmers Users Group), computer meeting about his recently published book, Coding in Dephi.

If you could only take one pair of shoes on a trip which ones would you take?

Is it possible to pack light? Is it possible to travel with only one pair of shoes? I hate a suitcase full of shoes. There are shoes to wear with a dress, shoes that are comfortable to walk in, running shoes, sandals, heels, boots…

If you only took one pair of shoes on a trip which ones would you take?

Today was Easter and I almost didn’t go to church. You might be surprised why.

This morning was Easter. Well, it was Easter all day, not just this morning. I saw the sun come up. It wasn’t planned. I didn’t go to bed thinking, I really want to see the sun come up.

The puppy woke up three times last night. And every time she woke up she had to go to the bathroom. The last time she went outside we watched the sun come up. Or we saw the colors as the earth rotated on its axis. Something like that.

You are a good mom

Has anyone told you today, “You are a good mom”?

I just paid a therapist one hundred dollars so she could say to me, “You are a good mom.”

When I scheduled the appointment I didn’t know what I needed. Maybe I just wanted someone to listen to me, someone who would listen without telling me what to do, someone who would encourage and not condemn.

God looks at the heart like I tried to look at my burnt meatloaf

    The meatloaf was cooking  when I left to go and do an errand. According to my calculation it would be  cooked by the time I got home. As I was driving home I started to worry, Did I turn down the oven before I left? I thought I did. I know I  set the […]

The Artist’s Manifesto: Fight Resistance and Create

Well, today is April First. Today is the day I promised you I would publish my ebook on my blog. And here it is. I really wasn’t lying to you. This is not an April Fool’s joke.

I am excited to share my book, The Artist’s Manifesto: Fight Resistance and Create. This book has taken me months to write and edit. I hope it encourages you to fight the negative voices in your head.