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If you could only take one pair of shoes on a trip which ones would you take?

If you could only take one pair of shoes on a trip, which ones would you take?

Is it possible to pack light? Is it possible to travel with only one pair of shoes? I hate a suitcase full of shoes. There are shoes to wear with a dress,  shoes that are comfortable to walk in, running shoes, sandals, heels, boots…

If you only took one pair of shoes on a trip which ones would you take?

Would you take boots? I like my Doc Martens, they would keep my feet warm, but maybe too warm. And they would be hard to take off when I go through the security check-point at the airport. The black flats are to go with a dress, but I only need them for one night. Could I go barefoot, or do I really have to bring the black flats too? The blue, Jack Purcell’s by Converse are very comfortable. The five-finger shoes are comfortable to walk in, but would be hard to get off at security and wouldn’t keep my feet warm.

Maybe the real question is:

Is it possible for a woman to travel with only one pair of shoes?

My husband takes one pair of shoes. The shoes on his feet. Do men have different shoe needs. Hmmmm.

I want to pack light. I read about a woman who traveled to eight countries in 28 days without changing clothes. I like that idea. First I will focus on the shoes.

The place I am travelling to is Denmark. The weather will be approximately 54% with a 10% chance of rain. The boots make sense, but they might not look good with a dress. And do I really need to bring a dress? Could I just have one set of clothes. 

What pair of shoes do you think I should take with me?

If you could only bring one pair of shoes on a trip, what would you bring? Please tell me in the comments, I would love to chat.

p.s. Tomorrow lets talk about if it’s possible to only take one set of clothes on a nine day trip to Europe. The clothes you are wearing. Or what is the absolute minimum you need to bring.




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  • La McCoy

    I have walking shoes that I wear and hotel room shoes like flip-flops. And that it.

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  • http://mojitoandme.com/ Patricia Storbeck

    your doc martins…..

    • http://www.ipaintiwrite.com/ Pamela Hodges

      Hello Patricia,
      The Docs won! Thank you. (And black jeans, no skirt)

  • Anastacia

    If I could only bring one pair of shoes, will be doing a lot of walking, and need to wear them with a dress, I would go with my black or tan walking shoes depending on the color of my dress as to which I would pick. If it’s warm enough weather I would go with my very comfortable sandals. They are easy to slip on and off and they are very comfortable to walk in.

    • http://www.ipaintiwrite.com/ Pamela Hodges

      Hello Anastacia,
      It will be cold where we are traveling, around 50 degrees, and colder at night. Boots might be the best option. I don’t think I will pack a dress after all. My husband said that would be too formal.

  • Sue Sutherlin

    I think it depends on where one is going and what he/she will be doing while there. If there is a lot of walking, it is very important to consider that. I like to take a pair of slippers with me, walking shoes, and slip-on shoes (easier at the airport, and can be worn with a dress). I have worn the slip-on shoes through security and then put on my good walking shoes after that (of course that means carrying shoes in my carry-on bag). I think that is what I usually take when I travel.

    • http://www.ipaintiwrite.com/ Pamela Hodges

      Hello Sue,
      Thank you for your suggestions. Easy slip on shoes sound so practical, and comfortable. I think I will find it hard to only have one pair of shoes, but that is my goal.

  • Anita Ferreri

    I like the idea of traveling light…but I would not travel anywhere without a pair of broken in sneakers in my bag or on my feet! I hate when my feet hurt!

    • http://www.ipaintiwrite.com/ Pamela Hodges

      Hi Anita,
      Oh dear. I had better make sure my shoes pass the wear all day test. I would be so sad if the only pair of shoes I brought hurt my feet.
      Living minimally shouldn’t involve blisters!

  • Tara

    Maybe you could buy cool shoes there!

    • http://www.ipaintiwrite.com/ Pamela Hodges

      Oh, that would be fun Tara. There are some really nice clogs in Denmark.
      I was thinking if I didn’t have to worry about what I was wearing, I could have more time to just enjoy where I was.

  • Jen Ferguson

    There is no way I could only take one pair of shoes! Heck, I can’t even take one purse! I’m not even all that fashionable, but I always have to coordinate my outfits. It seems like everything I end up packing always warrants a different pair of shoes. I can’t wait to hear how you do this.

    • http://www.ipaintiwrite.com/ Pamela Hodges

      Hi Jen,
      I am not sure how to do this either. If I go casual I could have one pair that would go with everything.
      Yes, accessories can fill up a suitcase too. Purses, shoes.
      If I start planning now it might work, usually at the last minute I just throw in the rest of my closet.

  • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

    It would depend on where I was going. If I was going to the beach or Africa, Teva flip flops. If it were winter, Merrells probably. I do like to travel light, but I usually take a couple of pairs of shoes. I can’t wait to talk about the absolute minimum you can pack tomorrow!

    • http://www.ipaintiwrite.com/ Pamela Hodges

      Hello Kathleen,
      Teva flip flops sound wonderful for Africa. Merrells are comfortable. I do have a pair of Keens I like. Is it possible to have one pair of shoes that you could wear with a dress and jeans?
      Maybe two pairs would be a better option. I really want to get it down the minimum. Less to carry will be less stressful I think.
      I would love to know what you think is the minimum needed to pack.

  • Janelle

    I’d take my birks, of course. And wool socks in case it was cold:)

    • http://www.ipaintiwrite.com/ Pamela Hodges

      A great idea. Comfortable and warm.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Okay lets get real here, you’ll likely be wearing jeans or something comfortable on the flight, so runners are good, runners will also be good for walking in Denmark, it sounds cold there for your stay, so a nice comfortable boot, which would also look good for dress up time. How would you like only one choice & that is a white pr. of sneakers & a black pr. of sneakers??????

    • http://www.ipaintiwrite.com/ Pamela Hodges

      Hi Mom,
      Yes, probably jeans on the flight. I would prefer yoga pants, but I would be lost without pockets.
      And sneakers might work, but they haven’t been worn in much. I will be doing a lot of walking.
      I will pretend tomorrow I am in Denmark and do a trial run of the shoes I was thinking of taking.