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What shoes did I wear to the beach this morning in Denmark? Or, who won the shoe battle?

 Bare feet on the beach in Nyborg, Denmark

It was a fierce battle between my shoes. They all wanted to be the pair chosen to go to Denmark. My pair of black flats were the most vocal, and a little whiny.

“I want to go! I want to go! Pick me! Pick me!” said the black flats.

“Why should you get to go? Mrs. Hodges only bought you a few days ago, and she has never worn you. You haven’t even been road tested. What if you give Mrs. Hodges a blister? I am the pair she should choose. I have character. I was made in England. I was made with an original Dr. Martens Air Cushioned Soul. My leather is classic,Dr. Martens leather, durable with a smooth finish.”

“Well, my leather is nice too, and much more elegant,” said the black flats, “and I am easy to put on and take off. ”

“But I am made with a Goodyear welt, and my upper and sole are heat-sealed and sewn together,” said the Dr. Martens.

“Hey, wait a minute! Both of you are black and boring. I am a nice blue pair of  classic Jack Purcell Converse shoes. Mrs. Hodges needs color in her life. She always wears black. She should wear me! If she will only take one pair of shoes she should take me!”

And finally the Vibram Five Finger shoes spoke up, “No, she has had me the  longest. She won’t have to wear socks and I will not give her blisters.”

And all the other shoes were cruel and mocked Five Fingers.

“You look funny. Who ever heard of shoes where each toe has a house. Mrs. Hodges won’t take you. You are ugly. People will laugh at her. And, what if it rains?”

Finally  I had to  intervene and chastise the shoes for mocking Five Fingers.

“Shoes do not be cruel to Five Fingers. I would have taken him, but it is supposed to rain. I do not want wet feet. Black flats, you have not been road-tested, I don’t want to get a blister. And the same goes for you Blue Converse, you are too new to the family to go on a long trip. I have only worn you once.”

“Dr. Martens apologize to Five Finger’s.

“I am sorry Five Fingers. Please forgive me.”

“Of course. I forgive you,” said Five Fingers.

I am going to take…? to Denmark.

Did you guess which pair of shoes I took to Denmark? Check out the photograph on the bottom of the post to see what I wore to the beach this morning.

Sunrise at Nyborg, Denmark, 5:20 a.m. 4/30/2014

Me and my Doc Martens watching the sun rise in Nyborg, Denmark

Me and my Dr Martens watching the sun rise in Nyborg, Denmark, 4/30, 2014 – 5:20 a.m.

I did only take one pair of shoes on this trip to Denmark. I had asked you last week if you thought it was possible to only take one pair of shoes on a trip.

If you could only take one pair of shoes on a trip which ones would you take?


My husband was invited to speak at DAPUG, a computer conference, and the gracious host, Jens Fudge of Exotech  invited me as well. The computer event is casual so I didn’t need fancy shoes. The weather was supposed to be cold so the boots have kept my feet warm.

Have you ever traveled with just the shoes on your feet? Please tell me in the comments. Lets talk about shoes and travelling.

Sometimes I feel my shoes are me. What ever pair I chose will typecast me as a certain kind of person. I am a boot. I am a pair of high heels. I am a pair of hiking boots. I am a sandal.

After the trip I will let you know what I packed in my suitcase, and how it worked to limit the amount of clothes I packed. Did I wear everything I brought? Did I forget something?

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  • La McCoy

    Lovely follow through!
    Love the beach picture.
    Tell the Dr Ms i was routing for them!

  • 1) Your shoes need to learn to get along, after all they live in the same closet.
    2) Denmark looks otherworldly-beautiful.
    3) Please don’t forget to give Lotta a big hug for me!

  • Christa Sterken

    You nut, this cracked me up

    • Hi Christa,
      I am happy you thought it was funny. A smile is good medicine.
      p.s. My shoes are enjoying the trip