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The grocery store will never run out of cucumbers, and other things I take for granted.

  The grocery store will never run out of cucumbers. Whenever I go to the grocery store, there will always be cucumbers. I had a list and I was going to execute my list. Milk, eggs, cucumbers, lettuce and fish heads. Cucumbers were on my list. I walked in the door of the store expecting […]

Elijah was buried on May 19th, his third birthday

Dustin and Elisse Kipe had three children. All three were their children. They didn’t distinguish between the children that Elisse carried in her tummy and the child that grew in another mommy’s tummy.

Elijah was their son.

On earth he didn’t talk or walk. He couldn’t sit up unaided. He smiled and laughed. He was loved. His mommy loved him. His daddy loved him. His sisters loved him. His grandma and grandpa loved him. His aunts and uncles loved him. Friends loved him, and I loved him.

A complete stranger bought our movie tickets

We were standing in line to see “Heaven Is For Real,” at the Grand Theater, in East Greenville, Pennsylvania, when we saw the sign: “Cash only.” The tickets were three dollars. I only had two one dollar bills in my wallet, and the movie was about to start. I overheard a woman behind me say, “Cash only. I don’t have any cash.” She was standing with two children and an older woman.

The older woman said, “It’s okay I have enough to pay for all of us.”

I turned to her and asked, “Excuse me. May I borrow four dollars. Here is my business card. I will mail you a check for the money.”

I had a panic attack when I signed my paintings, or why it’s so hard to finish.

My paintings are hanging on the walls in Proximity Cafe, in Pottstown Pennsylvania. I had promised to paint them, promised to deliver them. I wanted to finish them. Layer upon layer of color.

Almost finished.
And then I couldn’t finish them.
Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Thank you Dixon Ticonderoga for donating 14 pounds of pencils and markers to a third grade class in Denmark

Dixon Ticonderoga donated 14 pounds of 2HB Ticonderoga pencils and Prang Washable Markers to a third grade class in Middlefart, Denmark. Thank you Dixon for being generous. Thank you Dixon for letting twenty children and one teacher use The World’s Best Pencil to write and draw with. Why did Dixon Ticonderoga donate pencils to the class […]