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The grocery store will never run out of cucumbers, and other things I take for granted.

 There will always be cucumbers in the store, and other things I take for granted

The grocery store will never run out of cucumbers. Whenever I go to the grocery store, there will always be cucumbers.

I had a list and I was going to execute my list. Milk, eggs, cucumbers, lettuce and fish heads.

Cucumbers were on my list. I walked in the door of the store expecting to buy cucumbers. I didn’t worry the night before when I went to bed. Oh, I hope they will have cucumbers tomorrow. I won’t be able to sleep worrying about the cucumber supply. 

When I walked over to the cucumber basket in the produce section, my world was shattered. The rug was pulled out from under my feet, and I was bowled over. Can you think of any other clichés that you should never use in writing, that I could use here?

Never in my life have I been more shocked, or surprised. In all of my fifty-five years of living, the grocery store has always had cucumbers. I have never been in a grocery store that did not have cucumbers. Growing up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the Safeway always had cucumbers. In Calgary, Alberta, Safeway always had cucumbers. ( Saskatchewan, and Alberta are in Canada, in case you didn’t know.)

On Kibbutz Reshafim in Israel there were always cucumbers.

In Tokyo, Japan there were always cucumbers in the grocery store.

Lemoore, Monterey, Carmel and Fort Ord, California always had cucumbers in the grocery stores and Farmers Markets. Schnucks in Swansea, Illinois had cucumbers. The Rainbow Grocery Store in Saint Paul, Minnesota had cucumbers.  ( Those places are in the United States, in case you didn’t know.) And even in Middlefart, Denmark, and Horby Sweden, I saw cucumbers in the store.

Redners Grocery Store in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania always had cucumbers until . . .  last night.

If there could be a world where my grocery story might not have cucumbers, could there be other things in my life I was taking for granted?

The grocery store will never run out of cucumbers and
other things I take for granted

First lets define: take for granted– To expect something to be available all the time and forget that you are lucky to have it. (Thank you: dioms.thefreedictionary.com/take+for+granted )

  1. The grocery store will never run out of cucumbers.
  2. I will always have clean water to drink.
  3. When I need toilet paper, there will always be some under the bathroom sink.
  4. When the sun rises I will be here to see it rise.
  5. There are books in a library that I can borrow.
  6. When I put on my shoes I will have feet.
  7. My hands will always be able to type on the keyboard.
  8. When I dial my mother’s phone number she will always answer.
  9. I can buy milk in a store and I don’t have to own a cow.
  10. I will always have teeth to brush.
  11. And the biggest thing I take for granted? My freedom.

Sometimes it takes an empty cucumber basket in the store to see I take a lot of things for granted. Things I should wake up every day and say thank you for.

Today, Memorial Day, I remember the men and woman who died while serving in The United States Armed Forces. And I say, “Thank you to all who are serving now.”

I am grateful

What about you?
Is there something in your life you take for granted?

Please tell me in the comments. I would love to chat.

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  • Kay Kulp

    Very thought provoking….I think I take my health and my family’s health for granted a lot of times. Also, our home and farm. And the fresh milk we do get from our cows every day….I never have to run to the store if we run out of milk. Thanks for causing me to take a few moments to reflect and be thankful for my many blessings.

  • La McCoy

    Did you ask the nice gentleman to go to the back and get you a cucumber? Some times they do that,

  • Berdeane Bodley

    I think each & every one of us take things for granted till one day we find them gone never to return & that is sad………enjoy each day ^ be thankful ,be especially thankful for your family.

  • Funny that you should write about cucumbers. Because we can’t find onions in Ponza. Most other stuff but not onions. We take many things for granted. It’s okay to take stuff for granted just remember to also appreciate that same stuff. Like fingers and toes….
    Sailing taught me not to take a lot of things for granted. Like warm showers, lots of fresh running water. Fresh food. We showered for a month in cold water because we could not find out why we had warm water in the geyser but cold water came from the tap.
    We did find the problem and fixed it ourselves. We have to make our own water. Reverse osmosis from sea water. So long showers is a luxury we cannot afford.

    • Oh dear Patricia,
      I just took a long hot shower. But I would trade my life on land for an adventure on a boat. Now, I have to find an adventure here.
      No onions? I wonder how long it would take to mail you an onion?
      You and your husband are resourceful and brave, and now you have hot water out of your tap.
      Hugs to you.

      • I wet myself under the shower. Wash and then a quick rinse. Oh and a bucket with micro fibre polishing cloths needed a wash too. So that was standing on the floor as well. Myself washed and the polishing rags. Tomorrow we sail back to mainland Italy. Our destination Iskea. Thank you Pamela. I’m sure we’ll find some onions there. I’ll let you know.

  • Elsie

    I took my bones for granted. Then when one was broken it affected everything I could do. We don’t realize how many things we take for granted.

    • Hello Elise,
      Oh, I take my bones for granted too. I have only broken a baby finger and a thumb with a hammer. I pray you are well, and that your broken bone is mending.

  • Pat Meyers

    What a poignant, funny, and creative post. I loved it and have shared it with my friends.

    • Thank you Pat.
      Now I want to go back to the store and see if they got in more cucumbers.

  • Winnie Marylou Moyer

    Today I took for granted that I could flick my fingers, can you do it (I think you can) but two of the kids I am teaching are not able to flick their fingers, something small, but when you play the game of twister in order to spin the spinner you need to flick it (you can adapt it, but it doesn’t work as well) something small and silly, but I’ve learned I take so much for granted! I am thankful I can walk, use my hands, and I can express myself verbally and by writing!

    • Hello Winnie,
      I am flick my fingers. Now, another thing I take for granted. You sound like you are having fun with the children in your care.
      Hugs to you dear friend. I miss you.