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My puppy is smarter than I am and I don’t want to admit it.

Penny, my daughters dog, was born on December 14th, 2013. She is six months and eleven days old. I am fifty-five years, eight months, and seven days old.

Penny, the puppy, is smarter than I am.

I hate to admit it. But it’s true. The puppy is really smarter than I am. Me, the adult person. Me the human with opposable thumbs is not as smart as a dog.

Looking for memories at my old high school and finding one of them in the bathroom

My mom and I drove down Avenue W in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Mount Royal Collegiate. We parked on Avenue W and walked to the front of the school. My brother and I use to walk the 1.65 miles to school, from our home on Avenue K.  When the days were the shortest, we left our […]

The hardest good-bye is saying good-bye to my mom

My plane leaves Canada in four hours and fifty minutes.

I will have to say good-bye to Canadian flags, to the town I grew up in and to my mom.

The hardest good-bye is saying good-bye to my mom.