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The hardest good-bye is saying good-bye to my mom

The hardest good-bye is saying good-bye to my mom.

My plane leaves Canada in four hours and fifty minutes.

I will have to say good-bye to Canadian flags, to the town I grew up in and to my mom.

The hardest good-bye is saying good-bye to my mom.

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 I love you mom.

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  • Kathy Storrie

    Someone on the bus to go see the Gaithers in Jacksonville, Florida offered me a squirt of Jergans lotion for my dry hands. The wonderful aroma of the almond cherry scent made me think of my mother; it was the only lotion we used while growing up. Before the day was over I was overly homesick for my mother for the first time in 20 years. I had been home for many past summers and Christmas holidays and we spoke on the phone. But, I never thought about moving back home 900 miles away!

    However, God had another idea up His sleeve. He used that one olfactory moment to prepare me emotionally and mentally for our future when my husband would lose his job. We had to move back home and into my parent’s garage to start over. None of us knew then that Daddy was dying of cancer and that Mom would need our help and support desparately. We have been back home for 30 years now (we are not in the garage)and God has blessed us so much.(another story) My mom is doing great and going on 89 years old and she still uses Jergans.

    Thanks Pamela for stimulating a priceless memory about my mom.


    • Good Morning Kathy,
      Thank you for sharing your hand lotion story. I would love to know more. You were welcomed home at a time when you needed your mommy and daddy, and they needed you.
      I am sorry to hear about the death of your father. How precious you were able to spend time with him daily before his death.
      Please say hello to your mom for me. Now I want to go the store and smell Jergans Hand Lotion. My mom always wore White Shoulders perfume when I grew up. That is the small that carries me home.

      You are very welcome Kathy. Isn’t it funny, how something so small, like a familiar smell, can take us home. Quicker than a bus.


  • Berdeane Bodley

    I miss you so!!! I’m still having all these sweet memories of our time together, I carry all my memories of you since the day you were born. I love you Pamela.

    • Good Morning Mother,
      I miss you more. I carry memories too, of my goofy, wonderful, kind mother. I love you Mom.

  • La McCoy

    I will be excited to meet Tami. And Mom.

    • Laura,
      I hope you are in no hurry. You are a treasure who encourages and spreads smiles. One day I hope we can meet.

  • Oh I know what you mean. And every time I phone my mom she asks when I’m coming ‘home’. She doesn’t understand my life on Mojito. It’s heartbreaking. She’s coming to visit Peter in France in October. Then I want to introduce her to Mojito. Hopefully she will see why I love this lifestyle. No-one really knows what our life is like…. except fellow cruisers.
    I love my mom too and miss her…just like you do yours.
    My heart is torn between wanting to spent more time with her…this morning she WhatsApp’d me to say her horse, Tani, whom I know she loved with all her heart broke her leg and must be put down.
    I know she would have liked me being there to be with her. a shoulder to cry on….

    • Hello Patricia,
      Your lifestyle is yours, full of adventure and magic. And your mommy wants her daughter close. I pray her visit in October will help her understand the beauty of your life.
      I understand how much you want to be with her to support her now. Growing up and living our own life is probable one of the hardest things a child and parent does.
      We grow up and start a new home. Mine in Pennsylvania and you on the ocean on Mojito.
      And our parents let us go and miss us. And even if they never understand we will still sail our boats or paint our paintings.
      Thinking of you.

      • Tani was 25 years old. Now Helen and my dad can ride her in heaven. You are right. We do need to live our lives without feeling guilty. Then when we do go home – the time spent is so much more precious.
        Thank you for writing such inspirational stuff

  • Christa Sterken

    Praying for you, that is tough. SO glad you were able to go

    • Thank you Christa.
      I am thankful I was able to go too.

  • Praying that the good memories you made with you mom will keep you company in the moments you miss her.

    • Thank you Anne.
      We had a nice visit. Laughter is good for the soul.