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Be careful when your tape measure weighs the same as your wallet

purseand tapemeasure

I just had a few minutes to drive to the store to buy kitty litter  and toilet paper.

My purse was hanging on the hook right by the front door. My keys were hanging on the same hook, so I didn’t have to waste time looking for my keys. I didn’t even brush my hair before I ran out the door. I did check for food in my teeth in the mirror, so maybe I wasn’t in that much of a hurry.

My oldest daughter was driving to Philadelphia, an hour away, to an art museum and she wanted to leave soon.

In the parking lot to the store, I opened my purse and looked inside. There was a large yellow tape measure, a small notebook, a pencil, a receipt for cherries, a toothpick, and nothing else.

There was no wallet in my purse.

Thankfully I looked inside my purse before I went in the store. I don’t think the store would have let me pay for the kitty litter, and toilet paper with a tape measure.

“And how do you want to pay for this? Credit or debit?”

“Tape measure.”

Perhaps it would have been wiser to look in my purse before I left home.

And why didn’t I look in my purse before I left home?

My purse felt right. It felt like my wallet was inside. But, alas, it wasn’t.

Have you ever left home without your wallet in your purse because your tape measure made your purse feel right? Or would you please tell me what you did recently that was a bit silly.

Please tell me in the comments. I always love to hear from you. And if we ever meet for coffee I can pay for our drinks with my tape measure.





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  • I left my purse at a restaurant – more than one time! Each time everything was still in it when I returned.

  • that’s so funny, can’t believe you did that, well yes I can, can’t imagine why they would frown at you paying with your tape measure………..Mom

  • La McCoy

    Delightful message.
    Always double check!