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When I die please don’t sell my portable toilet on the front lawn for $3.00

portable toilets

There are two portable toilets  for sale on Moyer Road in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania. They sit in someones front yard, with a hand painted sign.

Why they are selling them? Did the person die? Did they just get indoor plumbing?

I know that when I am dead I won’t know if you sold my portable toilet on my front lawn. Maybe when I am really old I will be able to still walk to the bathroom. Maybe I won’t have to have a portable toilet right beside my bed.

The only thing I know for sure in my life is that Jesus Loves Me, cold water tastes like sunshine, and cats like to dig the dirt out of potted plants.

I don’t know if I will wake up tomorrow. I may die in my sleep. I may live to be one hundred and twelve or I may get hit by a bus  when I cross the street. (That’s why it is important to look both ways when you cross the street, and cross the street at the crosswalk.)

And why is this person selling the toilets? Why don’t they donate them to a thrift store? Do they really need the six dollars to help pay their rent?

Wait a minute. I will be right back.

Did you wonder where I went? Can you guess?

I drove to see if there were any toilets left. I wanted to buy them. Maybe they really needed the six dollars.

When I pulled into the driveway beside the toilets there was only one left. No other car was in the driveway. It looked like no one was home.

portable toilets

I put the portable toilet and the 12 quart splash pail with a lid and the sign that was made with black spray paint on particle board that said $3.00 each, in the back of the van. When I picked up the toilet I noticed a small container saying the money was going to a no-kill animal shelter.

The people loved animals so much they would put two portable toilets on their front lawn for over two weeks, trying to raise six dollars to save animals. I put five one dollar bills in the container. Three that were in my wallet, and two dollar bills that were faded from sitting in the hidden trap in my washing machine for four years. I found them yesterday when I cleaned the washing machine.

When I die please don’t sell my portable toilet on the front lawn for $3.00.  And throw away all of my underwear and bras, please don’t donate them to a thrift store.

Would you like to buy my portable toilet with the 12 quart splash bucket? It is in the back of my van. They retail for $67.59 new. Or maybe I could sell it on my front lawn?

portable toilets


I have not written in several weeks. I moved all of the furniture in the front room into the basement, and my blog was down for several weeks when it was attacked by a virus. It is now protected. I would love to hear from you. Please click here if you would like to leave a comment.


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  • La McCoy

    Wash your hands. Van. and bleach the toilet and pail. Seriously. You do not want to know what might be lurking. (I do.)
    And yes I missed you. I am glad you are back. I am glad you are cured of the virus. Don’t get one from the pail.
    I am glad for the no kill too. So is Edel. She went to the vet today and has a renewed one year lease on life.

    • Hello La,
      Yes, what was I thinking. I don’t even touch the door handle in a public bathroom. I wear long sleeved shirts and open the door with the end of my sleeve.
      A good solid dose of bleach tomorrow.
      So glad to hear Edel is doing well. The sweet puppy.
      Thank you for missing me.
      I missed you.

  • Welcome back. I for one missed you very much.

    • Ah, thank you Anne.
      Your words are like a nice glass of cold water on a hot day. Or they are like a warm cup of tea on a hot day.

  • Pat Meyers

    Seriously . . . you crack me up. And make me think. That, my friend, is a fabulous combo.

    • Hello Pat,
      Thank you so much my friend. I will always try to offer you both. As always, it is nice to hear from you.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    That was a neat story about the portable toilets and I am glad you told me you didn’t want us to sell “your” portable toilet on your front line for $3.00, that is very good information to file away, because when you live to 110, I will only be 136 & I will have your requests all filed in my “not to do list”……….Mom

    • Thank you so much Mommy for considering my feelings.I knew you would understand.
      Your daughter