i paint i write

Live boldly, laugh and make art

How old is old?

Will you please tell me how many candles are on your cake? Or is it a secret?

At what age do you stop telling how old you are? When do you decide you are old enough?

“I am old enough, thank you very much.”

And if you really don’t want to get older what age would you choose to stop at? When your children were in diapers? When you were thirty and lived in the small apartment? Or do you stop before you add a zero?

Just because you haven’t done it yet doesn’t mean you won’t

You haven’t done it yet. Nope. You have not.

Yesterday you didn’t do it. You didn’t walk. You didn’t floss your teeth. You didn’t learn how to play the flute. You didn’t write your mother a letter. You didn’t run a marathon. You didn’t learn how to use Adobe InDesign. You didn’t learn how to spell beautaful.