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Do you paint your house when you want to avoid a project?

Do you paint your house when you want to avoid a project?

This week I was supposed to format a book I wrote, “The Artist’s Manifesto,” for Create Space. It will be for sale on Amazon soon. When is soon? I don’t know because I haven’t formatted the book yet.

I opened Create Space and started to create the file for Amazon. Then I thought. Hmm, this is a great time to paint my bedroom. My husband is out-of-town on business. I can paint it while he is away.

And then the battle started in my brain.

NO, do not paint your bedroom! Who cares if your bedroom is painted baby blue and you hate the color and you are having a hard time sleeping because of the color. And who cares that you put over forty-two holes in the wall because you kept rearranging your art work?

But, I really want to paint it now.

No, you have to finish your book. Your really have to quit stalling. You have already painted the living room and the dining room. Do you want your tombstone to say, “She never did finish her book, but she did re-paint all the walls in her home.”

Painting the house

The bedroom is painted.

And today I am formatting my book, The Artist’s Manifesto. The book is free if you subscribe to my blog.

Soon it will be on Amazon. I will let you know when soon is. Really I will.

Do you paint your house when you want to avoid a project?

Please tell me in the comments. I would love to chat.


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  • Great stuff – I always get that same itch. When you’re supposed to be head-down, creating and shipping your art, that seems to be precisely the time you have that unexpected burst of energy to get up and start cleaning out the refrigerator.

    • Hi Rob,
      Well, at least your refrigerator gets cleaned out when you are suppose to be shipping your art.
      My whole house may get painted. At least I have stopped buying house paint.
      Have a Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

  • Enjoyed your post and I bet your bedroom is beautiful. Having written five books with createspace I know how easy it is to find another project, any project. I also know how good it feels when you just do it. Looking forward to hearing you are done with your book project.

    • Hello Anne,
      I am looking forward to being done with the book as well. First I have to add cartoons and then format it.
      You have done such a good job getting your books out in the public Anne. I look forward to reading your children’s books.

  • Katia Kantzia Vas

    I have been postponing finishing my book and fixing my blog for months and months. And I haven’t painted a room, yet! 🙂
    I always enjoy your posts, Pamela, even when I don’t make it to your blog. Looking forward to your book. If you need help ask. It will be a good excuse not to deal with my book! 🙂

    • Hello Katia,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am looking forward to reading your book, and I miss hearing your stories on your blog.
      When I have more to share I will send you a rough draft of the book.
      May I read yours?

  • Girl, I speak your language. I am a master rabbit hole chaser. By the way, your book is important, but so is feeling peaceful in your bedroom. For six years I dreamed about changing the previous owners color choice in my bedroom. Didn’t like it, and it didn’t feel restful. Just painted it and now I can’t wait to be in there. Create a retreat for yourself, and then? Format that book. Part of being an artist sharing a manifesto must surely allow for space to be artistic right?

    • Hello Christa,
      I am so curious. What color was your bedroom before? And what color did you paint it?
      And I agree. Yes, space to be artistic is always good. 🙂

      • It was sort of an apple green, but just too flat and greyish for my taste. It is now white, the irony of all ironies. I love colors! It’ll have a style of a beachy cottage with a shabby chic feel. Done with as much DIY/Free as possible

  • La McCoy

    Now that delay tactic sounds like way too much work. how about snacking or turning on the tv. now that is procrastination

    • Yes,
      It is a lot of work. I think I will try snacking next time Laura. What a great idea!
      I would never clean the litter boxes to avoid a project.

      • La McCoy

        I would not have thought to clean the litter boxes. But I do that every day. Except it is a yard and I pick up Easter eggs.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Do I paint my house when I want to avoid a project? As this is your Mother speaking you know that is the last thing I would ever do. Your Dad used to say, “We are going to paint the living room.” He wouldn’t even have the paint out yet & I’d be covered in paint, one time “we” were painting the living room & your Mother stepped right into the tray that held the paint. How bad is that?? No, I would not paint, I may take the day to re-arrange the furniture, now that to me is a very worthwhile project………..

    • Hi Mother,
      Now that must be where I got my rearrange gene from. I love to rearrange the furniture as well.
      Mom, you must have been devastated when you stepped in the paint tray. I know how much you hate messes.
      If I lived closer to you I would paint your walls for you mom. Then you could step in my paint tray. 🙂