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When is it okay to ignore the dog hair on the staircase?

When is it okay to ignore the dog hair on the staircase?  Is it possible for a woman to not clean every day, and still be considered a woman? Should we feel shame if there is dog hair on the carpet?   What do you think? I am in the middle of drawing forty cats for a […]

When was the last time you saw magic? Day 2 #toycember

This morning when I woke up, I went looking for magic. What did the toys do last night? They come alive at midnight every day in December. Where were they? I went to the last place I saw them, hanging from Christmas Tree lights on the deer head my Grandfather shot in southern Saskatchewan long before […]

The toys came alive and strung up lights on the deerhead! December 1st, 2015

Last night when I went to bed the toys were still in the storage container. I wasn’t sure if they would come alive again this year. You never can tell what toys are thinking. This morning I woke up at 4:30! I was so excited to see if the toys came alive again this year. […]

The toys come alive again, midnight November 30th #toycember

There is magic in the imagination. My plastic toys come alive in December. Ever since 2012 when I brought them home from Target, at midnight on November 30th, the elephant, giraffe, lion, cheetah and tiger come alive and wreak havoc in my home. “Everything you can imagine is real.” ― Pablo Picasso   The toys have wrapped my table in […]

A Thanksgiving memory from November 23rd, 1978, on the island of Corfu, Greece

It is the night before Thanksgiving, and I am reading my journal from 1978. I wanted to see if I had written anything about a memory I have from Thanksgiving night, November 23rd, 1978, on the island of Corfu, Greece.   There were no notes about Thanksgiving. My only notes from that day are: November 23/78 […]

My favorite pens and paper to make a coloring book

Right now I am in the middle of drawing thirty-seven cats for a cat coloring book. Color The Cats: 37 Cat Coloring Pages to Calm The Spirit. It is coming out on Amazon the beginning of December.

I want to share my favorite pens and paper with you.

Lets cover 1 year old Ryder The Fighters Hospital walls with Christmas Cards and Drawings

Let’s cover Ryder’s hospital walls with Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards and drawings. His birthday is December 25th! He is battling cancer at Texas Children’s hospital.

The Costco Smiley Face Manifesto

When my children were little — little as in small enough to sit in the front basket of the cart in Costco — the Costco employee at the exit door always drew a smiley face on the back of the receipt. It has been years since I thought about the hand drawn smiley face on the […]

B-HAPPYY, a thoughtful message from a license plate

It was raining hard today as I drove north on Highway 100. I wasn’t thinking if I was happy or sad or angry or fearful, I just was driving, just living. Breathing in and out. Sort of neutral. I was not smiling. Then the license plate on the Black Buick Enclave in front of me […]

Today is someday —right Roy Miller, or Tom Cruise, or Patrick O’Neill?

“Someday” always feels like it will be tomorrow. “Tomorrow I will work on that project.” But then, tomorrow is your birthday, and you realize another year has gone by and you didn’t do any work on your project. My birthday was a few days ago. I don’t feel older, each day slipped into the next, and […]