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Will you be nice to yourself today?

Will you be nice to yourself today?

When you come downstairs and see the dishwasher door open will you laugh and say to yourself. You sure were tired last night weren’t you? You forgot to run the dishwasher. That’s okay, I’ll start the dishwasher for you. Or will you be mad at yourself and think with a mean voice? You can’t do anything right. You can’t even remember to run the dishwasher. You are such a loser.


Would you walk into your friend’s house and say to them, “You can’t do anything right. Your place is a mess. You never follow through on anything. When was the last time you actually did what you said you were going to? You are such a loser.”

If one of your friends talked to you like that would you want to stay friends?

Then why do you talk to yourself like that?

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.
Matthew 7:12a

Today be nice to yourself.

And tomorrow.

And the day after.

And the day after that.

And the day after after that.

Will you be nice to yourself today? Please share in the comments. I would love to chat.

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  • Kay Kulp

    Thanks, Pamela! I needed to hear this today!

  • La McCoy

    Ok. Working being nice.

  • HOON

    Thank you~! I will tell my students to be nice to themselves.

    • Hello HOON,
      I hope you have a nice day today being nice to yourself. 🙂 And your students are too.

  • Teresa

    I laughed when I read this. Tho I do close the dishwasher door, the past three times I’ve run it, the pods pack has refused to melt and wash the dishes. I had thought this morning as I was putting away the dishes that it was a successful run, until I picked up a bowl that was still spotted with food. That’s when I noticed the pod lying whole on the bottom of the dishwasher. i put the dishes I had put away back in the dishwasher and looked under the sink. I had a box of powder that had not been used up; YEAH a way to wash the dishes! So I put the powder in and started the dishwasher again. I smiled at myself that now I would have clean dishes to put away.

    • Hello Teresa,
      Yippee, you found a way to clean your dishes. I have to go and look in the bottom of my dishwasher now to see it the pod didn’t open, as half of my dishes weren’t clean this morning when I ran it last night.
      At least I remembered to run it!

  • Kristi Walters

    Pamela, I was thinking about you and your blog the other day. Came to me from memory out of nowhere and thought of something special that I have only read on your blog…. and as a reader of probably too many, and myself a writer of a faith based blog, it meant the world to me to hear you ask how you can pray for me – and all of us – today. Thank you for giving of yourself and of your time to stop and pray specific needs for each of us. What a special gift that was and is for me to continue to think of when I need someone to put in a good word for me. I am at this time, truly struggling with my place in this great land of Christian mom bloggers. And feeling a little like a small fish in not only a big pond, but very possibly in the ocean of gigantically large readership fish who can swallow me and my words whole. In one big published bite. So thank you for being a reminder for us small ones out there that we not only have voices, but voices that matter in the kingdom of Christ. I hope you will stop by my blog sometime so we can get to know each other better. And please pray for me to find my place in the world of words. Kristi

    • Hello Kristi,
      I will stop by your blog today and read.
      Please don’t worry about how many people read your blog. Keep writing, and keep telling the story only you can tell.
      Who knows who you will encourage. You encouraged me today.
      I will pray for you Kristi. Praying for confidence and peace. And joy in your journey.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Alwaya be nice to yourself first, than you can be nice to others, leaving a dishwasher door open can create all sorts of problems, the dishwasher just sits there bidding it’s time waiting for some unsuspecting soul to come along, then, it does it’s dastardley deed & trips you, which can be ever so painful & also can break the door on the dishwasher….never to be the same again. So all sorts of bad things can happen…….try to remember to run your dishwasher before going to bed, then all will be well……….how I can ramble!!!!!

    • Hi Mom,
      Tripping someone would be a bad idea. I do love to wake up to a load of clean dishes. But, sometimes I forget. Or sometimes I say to the dishwasher, “Dishwasher, you get the night off.” And then I get the night off too.
      Thankfully there are no commandments about leaving dirty dishes out over night.

  • TC

    Love this post, Pamela. Thanks.

  • Jada Pfeifer

    I will try to be nice to myself today. I always end the day being angry at what I did not get done.

    • Hello Jada,
      Yes, please be nice to yourself today. And tomorrow too. Maybe try to look at what you did get done. And on some days, if all you did was read a story to someone little and someone you love, then you had a great day.

  • I am very careful about not leaving the dishwasher door open. One time, it grabbed my foot and tried to trip me. It can’t be trusted.

    • Shelley,
      You just helped me smile. I must remember this. My dishwasher has tried to grab my foot too.

  • What I want to know is when the dishwasher is going to start being nice to me!

    • John,
      The dishwasher is always nice to us. It washes all the dishes while we draw. We just have to remember to start it.

  • Krithika Rangarajan

    I will be nice to myself today, Pamela #HUGSSS

    BTW, it’s funny that this note was posted to my Inbox today because I was just laughing at myself for forgetting to fold a forgotten pile of clothes – hehe

    LOVE ya

    • Hello Krithika,
      How funny you forgot to do something too.
      May we never forget to be nice to ourselves.

      Love ya too,

  • Yes, I will be nice to myself today. I am sad and it’s okay. I will be gentle with me.

    • Anne, I am sorry you are sad. Being gentle with yourself is a good idea. I will pray for you today. And tomorrow. And the day after that.