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Why it is hard to take a nap when you have a cat

This afternoon I wanted to take a nap. A quiet nap, all my myself. But I was denied. It is hard to take a nap by yourself when you have a cat.

Why it is hard to take a nap with a cat

My bedroom is over the garage, so I can’t hear the television, or the dogs barking, or the refrigerator, or the clock over the sink with one double A battery. I can’t even hear anyone chewing their food.

A few moments of quiet under my feather tick my mother made for me out of feathers she bought from the Hutterites in Saskatchewan when I was a senior in high school.

My feet weren’t cold because I had on my wool socks from Costco.

I closed my eyes.

And then the cat who manages my household, Pooh, jumped on the bed beside me.

Why it is hard to take a nap when you have a cat

1. It is hard to take a nap when the cat lays next to your face and blocks your nose so you can’t breathe.

2. It is hard to take a nap when the cat is purring as loud as the neighbors Harley on the first day of spring.

3. It is hard to take a nap when the cat is kneading your face with his claws.

4. It is hard to take a nap when the cat keeps shoving his face against your chin.

5. It is hard to take a nap when the cat steals your pillow.

The cat finally fell asleep

Pooh eventually settled down and gave me back my pillow. He stopped shoving his nose against my chin and stopped kneading my face with his claws. He gave me room to breath and fell asleep beside me.

It is hard to take a nap when you have a cat. But, it is not impossible.

And, there is nothing better than falling asleep knowing you are loved by a cat.

Do you have a cat to help you take a nap? Please let me know in the comments. I always love to hear from you.

p.s. Do you think Pooh really wanted to take a nap with me or was he trying to tell me I forgot to clean the seven letter boxes today?

p.s.s. Pooh really is the manage of my home. He also is a writer. He has his own blog. theCatWhoWrites.com


Update on Pooh Hodges.
Pooh died on April 1st, 2015. I miss him. I loved him.

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  • DA Schuhow

    Actually, Pamela, all that cat activity would help me fall asleep. I buried my cat of 16 (human) years this year. She was getting ill and I refused to kill her by “putting her to sleep”. It was so wrenching to watch her die. The last three days she would meow pitifully at my feet and the only time she stopped is when I picked her up. Then she would feebly purr. I kept telling myself “lean into the pain” “be fully present in this moment” “you are her master that comforts her, forget everything else.” It was the only grieving process I ever allowed myself to feel.

    • Ah, my dear friend.
      I am so sad to hear about the death of your cat. I understand. How wonderful that you got to hold you cat as she ended her life.
      Pooh, the cat I was napping with. Or, “trying” to nap with. Died on April 1st. It was sudden. We didn’t get a chance to say good-bye.
      I haven’t been on the computer, or checked my mail for several days.
      Sending you hugs.

  • La McCoy

    I will make a note to not take a nap with a cat.

    • La,
      If you ever come and visit you can take a nap on our couch with four cats, and two dogs. The birds probably won’t come out of their cages.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Humans are also lacking in cleaning a house, making a bed, doing dishes, reading a book & on & on without the help of a feline, remember how Sparkie or B
    lackie were always so helpul when we tried to make the bed, they would always get under the covers & dash this way & that as we tried to make it, you’d get so frustrated you’d end up just leaving a big lump in the bed!!!

    • Hi Mom,
      Yes, I remember. The cats were so much fun to have. I do remember them laying on my school books, and on the newspaper.
      Who cleaned the litter box? I don’t remember having to do it.
      Love your daughter

      • Berdeane Bodley

        Good question, I do remember having to clean the litter box, whether I cleaned it all the time I do not remember, I do remember both you & your brother cleaning it, maybe we all took turns!!! Hmmmm……….

  • Alison

    I think the picture reminds me of an old fashioned movie poster.You know,Clarke pins Vivien for ‘the kiss’.But in truth if a cat isn’t the central figure in the household then it would be an unhappy cat. ‘Pooh Power’xx

    • Hello Alison,
      How funny, Pooh as Clark Gable. I will tell him. He has always thought he resembled Sean Connery when he played James Bond.
      Pooh does run the household. I should get a poster made that says, “Pooh Power.”

  • Anastacia

    Will Pooh be writing a post on his blog about how to help your staff take a nap?

    • Anastacia,
      Pooh read my story and he does want to write his side of the story. He thinks humans can’t take a nap unless a cat helps them.

      • Anastacia

        I’m looking forward to hearing his side of the story. 🙂

  • Nancy B.

    I once had a wonderful cat by the name of Dusty. When I was going through a sad time in my life, she would lie on the bed beside me with her head sharing my pillow, and pat me softly on the cheek. She was such a comfort to me at that time…certainly more so than my 3 teenaged children!!

    • Hello Nancy,
      Your cat Dusty sounds so special. She knew you were sad. When you say, “I once had…” Does that mean your sweet Dusty died? I am so sorry.
      All my best,

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Pooh sounds just like Blackie, do you remember growing up on Avenue K. N. in Saskatoon Sk. Canada, trying to get your homework done, you are at your desk, papers ready on your desk to study, your bedroom door not quite closed, along comes Blackie, jumps on your desk, stretches his body out covering your papers, your put him out, close the bedroom door & he spends his time scratching the door, sticking his foot under the door, meowing loudly (in cat language – I can help you study Pamela!! ) Yes, I can see where it could be hard to take a nap with Pooh there to help!!! Sorry Pooh!!

    • Hi Mom,
      I remember Blackie very well. He did like to help me with my homework. Pooh thinks I can’t take a nap without his help.

  • I love this line: “And then the cat who manages my household, Pooh, jumped on the bed beside me.”
    I think any pet will be happy to admit to managing (manipulating?) us. They find their humans to be rather trainable creatures.
    Thanks for sharing! I needed the giggle I got from this post.

    • Hello Cindy,

      My cat, Pooh is also a writer. He truly does think he is the boss of the house.
      Glad the story gave you a giggle.