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Encouragement is everything, even if it’s from a pink ice-cream cone

I have a pink ice-cream cone by Marc Johns on my bulletin board.  Every day I look at my pink ice-cream cone, and every day she says the same thing, “You can do it.”

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Some days I believe her. And some days I don’t.

Her name is Betty. I bought her last Thanksgiving. A present to myself. A present to myself from Marc Johns, a Canadian illustrator who draws whimsical ice-cream cones and people and birds.

I am in the middle of finishing a book I wrote. Well, the book is finished, now I am drawing cartoons for the inside of it. And some days I feel like I can’t do this. I can’t finish the book.

And on the days where I think I will never finish the book, I walk over to Betty the pink ice-cream cone, and she reminds me, “You can do it.”

And then I do.

And so will you.

I believe in you.

“You can do it.”

Please encourage someone today. One word of encouragement can change the course of history.

the power of encouragment


Have you ever been encouraged by a pink ice-cream cone? Have you been encouraged by a friend?  As always I love to hear from you.

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p.s. This is Marc Johns

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  • La McCoy

    A pink ice cream cone is perfect.

  • kathunsworth

    Can’t say I have Pamela but any encouragement is good in my book. Keep going, you got this. I talk to my cats when I get in the slump and they tell me I can do anything.

  • DA Schuhow

    Nope, never been encouraged by an ice cream come! 😉

    • Well, today Betty says, “You can do it DA Schuhow.” Now, you can say a pink ice-cream cone encouraged you.

  • Katina Vaselopulos

    Great post and comments by all! You too, Pamela! Love your replies.

    We all “can do” what we need to do, as long as we set for the the right road taking cues from the universe. If some goals don’t manifest when we plan, it does not mean we are not capable. We have to consider why the universe puts roadblocks on the path.

    My book was “ready” three years ago. But every time I planned to send it off, something major happened that would not allow it. At my age, I know “I can” finish and publish a book but I also know that I can wait for more important things to come to closure. Meanwhile the extra time and the lessons learned from Life’s delays give me the opportunity to make it what it should be. Maybe the universe knows this would be my last book and takes it where it should be at its best.

    Congratulations for your almost done new book! Looking forward to it.
    Proud of you for all you have accomplished and for what will follow.



    • Hello Katina,
      I look forward to reading your book. Your book will be different because of all that has happened to you these last few years.
      And, it might not be your last book. You have so many interesting stories to tell from your life.
      Thank you for always encouraging me Katina.
      Hugs to you.

      • Katina Vaselopulos

        Thank you, Pamela, for always having something nice to say. Life takes us where we need to be, so I am good at following her lead.

        Hugs and love back to you!

  • Yes I have been encouraged by a pink ice cream cone. It appeared on my friend Pamela Hodge’s blog. And for some reason now I feel like some ice cream. The ice cream is telling me that “I can do it!”

    • John,
      Did you eat ice-cream today? Yes, “You can do it.”
      No ice-cream here. Just the pink one on my wall.

  • JeNan Merrill

    I agree with the pink ice cream cone. YOU CAN DO IT!!

    • Hello JeNana,
      So nice to see you. And THANK YOU!
      Today, I am doing it. Working on the book. (I still have to clean the seven litter boxes.)

  • I like how you centered the small framed ice cream on the cork board, creating an even larger framework. It’s a story within a story. It’s analogous to those little words in our head, telling us we can do it when we face challenges bigger than ourselves. The sweetness of the ice cream = the sweetness of encouraging words.

    • Hello Shelley,
      “You can do it Shelley.” I believe in you.
      What do you want to do Shelley?
      I hadn’t thought of comparing the sweetness of the ice-cream to the sweetness of encouraging words. Good insight my dear friend. Perhaps if was a head of broccoli telling me, “You can do it.” I wouldn’t have listened.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Pamela Berdeane (Jane) Fernuik Hodges, if there was ever a person in this world who could do anything & everything, it is you my dearest daughter………..I love you!!

    • Hey Mom,
      Your encouragement is better than a drawing of a pink ice-cream cone telling me, “You can do it.”
      Your daughter

  • Sometimes when I need encouragement I spend time with my little ones. My grandchildren are full of wonder. I like to watch Ruthie stick with something till she gets it. And the other day I heard of determination played out and believe it or not it was about ice cream as well. Heather told me Ruthie only had one little piece of chicken that stood between Ruthie and her ice cream. One. Uno. Just one. But Ruthie did not want to eat the last bit. Not even for her favorite. Ice cream. It didn’t matter that Jude finished his. That Daddy finished his. Nope Ruthie made up her mind. That last piece of poultry would never see the dark of her mouth. So she walked away! Surely I thought I heard it wrong. She gave up the ice cream?? Even later when her Daddy reminded her she could still have her ice cream if she downed that little morsel. Nope. Her 23 month mind was made up. Now while some would call this stubbornness, I also see tenacity. Sometimes we need to make up our minds and not let anything stand in our way. So I guess ice cream can work for some. Just not Ruthie.

    • Hello Anne,
      Ruthie does have tenacity. And her mommy and daddy have wisdom. The ice cream lesson of parenting.
      So happy your little ones encourage you; perhaps their unconditional love is the best encouragement.