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Stop drinking coffee even when your mother wants you to

I was going to quit drinking coffee. Until my mother suggested I quit. Because my mother thought I should stop drinking coffee, I went out that same day and had a cup of coffee. Don’t tell me what to do. 


Last night I stayed awake until 2:30 this morning. I drank coffee late in the afternoon and the caffeine kept me awake. 

Today all I wanted to do was drink coffee. Craving coffee. Thinking of coffee. coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee 

Day one with no coffee

I fought the desire and didn’t drink coffee today. I also didn’t do anything creative. I didn’t write on my book, no words to count. And I didn’t paint.

I did clean the seven litter boxes.

My youngest also wanted me to tell you I yelled today. I told her, “I can’t write about that.” But, to be fair to her, I did tell you. Now you know. I was crabby today. Not creative, just crabby.

One day at a time. Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will be day two with no coffee. And I will keep counting. Then day three, and day four. And I will walk past the coffee shop in my favorite store and not buy a double. And I will take care of my brain.

I use to drink decaf. Then half caff, then full caff, and then a double. Then two doubles in one day.

Good-bye coffee

Good-bye coffee. It has been fun.

Now I will drink water. And get a good nights sleep. Hopefully my mother won’t tell me water is good for me, or that I need to get a good nights sleep. I hate being told what to do. Even if they are right.

Do you drink coffee? Does it make it hard to sleep at night?

Click here to comment. HERE. I always love to hear from you. Now I have to go to sleep, so I am not so crabby tomorrow.


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  • I’m not a coffee addict but I love that first tiny cup of espresso in the morning. Then later at 11am or so a cappuccino and a pastry. After dinner an espresso which acts as a digestive. Then you sleep like a baby.
    Everything is good in small doses.

  • DA Schuhow

    O coffee O Coffee, how lovely is your aroma! Now, why does your mum want to quit drinking coffee? I feel bad for you, coffee withdrawal sucks.

    • Hello DA,
      Well, not to worry about coffee withdrawal. I had a cup this morning. Every since my cat died, I have been hitting the coffee mug. Which is better than hitting the bottle. Or a door.

  • La McCoy

    I drink decafe coffee in the am. or tea. Then lots and lots of water.

    • Hello Laura,
      It sounds like drinking lots and lots of water helps with the coffee anxiety.
      I will have to drink more water.

  • I do not drink coffee, or caffeinated tea. I am trying to be better about drinking water. And for the longest time I would NOT drink water because it reminded me of my dad who used to order us to bring him a glass of water and we were told to say “Orrrrr.eees.steh” Make sure you roll those r’s. Oreesteh means, “I present this to you.” Yeah, i hated water for years, till my nephew helped me see I was more like my dad by NOT drinking water. Go figure.

    Oh and as a side note, I once went to a Christmas Tea and at 2:00 in the morning I was wondering what other dish I could make. Trust me, you do not want to see me on caffein.

    • Hello Anne,
      Oh my. I can totally see why you didn’t want to drink water. One day, when we meet, we can drink tea together. Do you drink water now? I am trying to drink more.
      Haha. I trust you. I don’t want to see you on caffeine.

  • Teresa R

    I DO drink coffee and it does not keep me awake. I drink one big cup (32 oz travel cup) when I get up and a half cup when I get home from work.

    • Oh Teresa,
      You are so fortunate. My favorite flavor is coffee. I am trying to convince my brain that it likes the flavor of water better. (It’s not working.)

  • Sue Sutherlin

    I DO drink coffee, and it usually does NOT keep me awake at night, almost no matter when I drink it. The few times I have trouble getting to sleep, I wonder if it was the coffee that did it. More to the point of your story today, though, is that I HATE being told what to do. I especially remembering feeling that way as a teenager, and my way of dealing with that was to anticipate and do things BEFORE I was told to do them. I completely understand how you felt – being told you shouldn’t and then DOING it! Yeah . . . that would be me, too!

    • Hello Sue,
      Perhaps it is the coffee keeping your awake, or maybe it is because you took a nap?
      Hey, we both hate being told what to do. The word that gets me the most is, “should.”
      I hope you had a wonderful day spending it like you wanted to. p.s. What was the temperature today where you live?
      All my best,

  • Pamela- I drink coffee in the morning and decaf at night. I also drink a couple of glasses of water in the morning and throughout the day. I generally subscribe to the “all things in moderation” philosophy. Except when it comes to cleaning out liter boxes. Now that’s something I’d love to cut back on.

    • Hello John,
      Hmm, maybe my problem was coffee and NO water. None at all. Your philosphy sounds very reasonable. I tend to go into dramatics. All or nothing. Mind you I wouldn’t mind having fewer litter boxes.

  • Mary Anne Wassem

    I’m waiting right this very minute for my coffee to cool so I can drink it. But I only drink Decafe. I had to cut my ties with the real deal. Now, I get my coffee flavor with out the added high. I’m a connoisseur when it comes to creamers. I have experimented with all sorts of flavors from the dairy case. No Splenda touches these lips. I’m having
    Kroger Italian Sweet Cream it’s my vise for the day. Try it Pamela. Once you become caffeine free, you won’t know what your missing. Love you!

    • Hello Mary Anne,

      Your Decaf coffee sounds amazing with the fancy creamers. I may have to try it. But, for now I am going cold turkey, and no caffeine at all.
      I hope you had a wonderful day with your Kroger Italian Sweet Cream. Hugs to you.


  • Krithika Rangarajan

    Hahahahahah – OMG!!!!

    I relate to almost EVERY post of yours, Pamela! hahahaha

    I know Splenda is bad for me, but I always add extra to my coffee when my mum makes the same observation!

    I know chewing gum is bad for me, but I used to carry an extra packet during my ‘family visits’ to SHOW her that I was not afraid of her ‘advice’! hahahaha

    Indeed, I rebelled late in life 😉

    I have stopped chewing gum and buying soda, but do NOT tell my mum that. I cannot tolerate the ‘I told you so’s 😉 hehe


    #HUGSSS Pamela


    • Hello my dearest Kitto,
      I totally understand! And, I promise to not tell your Mum. Oh, how funny. We must be sisters.
      Hugs to you.

  • writekimwrite

    May your day be crabby free. Coffee is so alluring, in fact I am having a cup as I write. I will enjoy it for you! You have shown that you can reach the goals that you set for yourself. So if this is what you want to do you will do it! It is funny how headstrong we can be when a relative tells us to do something that is “good for us” ! Blessings always.

    • Hello Kim,
      Thank you for enjoying your coffee for me. I truly appreciate your kind words. Thank you x 10 million for your encouragement. No coffee has touched my lips. And I am not as crabby. Still a bit crabby though, if you were to ask my daughter.
      Blessings to you too.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Good morning Pamela, I love you. Maymie is VERY ill.