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The first robin of Spring


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Today  I saw a robin. robin

The first Robin of spring. spring

And my first thought was, I have to call my dad and tell him. him

For a split second my dad was still alive. alive

And then I remembered. remembered

My dad is dead. dead

He died in March. March

Seventeen years ago. ago

He was waiting for spring. spring

He was waiting to see the first robin. robin

He died before the snow melted and the robin came. came

Every spring, I look for a robin. robin

Today I saw one. one


Did you see a robin today?

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  • I cannot imagine what it would have been like to have missed my dad. It would have meant he was a different person. I guess I can imagine it, but it’s sad. Sorry you are missing your dad, but glad he was someone special to you.

    • Hello Anne,
      I am sorry your father was not a man you would miss. If I could change one thing in this world, it would be to change the sorrow of your childhood. I wouldn’t even buy stock in Microsoft if I could change one thing, it would be to change your memories.
      Anne Peterson, you are a beautiful child of God. May you always remember that. Always.

  • Heart-moving writing, Pamela.

    • Thank you for your kind words Loralee Landers Druart,

  • Gholamhossein

    helo pamela
    Father is happy, because you are. Loyal girl who is always remembered his father.
    My mother died 36 years ago. Went to God.
    We get a good job, they are happy
    Excuse me, I do not speak English, and I use the Google Site Translator Online,
    Therefore, it is hard for you to understand my words.

    • Dear Gholamhossein,
      I am so sorry your mother died. 36 years is a long time to miss your mother. You have your mother’s eyes.
      All my best,

  • izzy


  • Alison

    The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow,
    And what will poor robin do then,poor thing?

    He’ll sit in a barn and keep himself warm
    and hide himself under his wing,poor thing.

    Spring brings new hope Pamela.
    All the best to you,Autumn here,no robins.

    • Alison,
      Thank you for the poem. Your words bring a smile to my face. Yes, new hope. And all the best to you.

    • DA Schuhow

      Loved your poem, made me giggle.

  • Nancy B.

    No robins around here but I’m always seeing some fabulous fashion accessory about which, I want to tell my wonderful Mother-in-law . Sadly, she died 2 years ago (on my husband’s birthday) but I’m always thinking of her. Happy spring!

    • Hello Nancy,
      I am sorry your Mother-in-law died. She must have been a kind woman. She lives on in your memories of her.
      Happy Spring to you as well.