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“I want to see you be brave.” An encouraging word from Sarah Bareilles

A few days ago, as I was driving home from the grocery store, I heard a song on the radio. I recognized the melody, but I had never really listened to the words before. The woman kept singing, “I want to see you be brave,”  And as I listened to her tell me over and over again how she wanted me to be brave,  she made me want to be brave.  ( p.s. I know now the singer is Sarah Bareilles.)

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The lyrics have been on a continual loop in my head for the past three days. I want to see you be brave. Say what you want to say. I want to see you be brave. Say what you want to say. I want to see you be brave. Say what you want to say. I want to see you be brave. 

And I have felt brave. And I have said what I want to say.

The words we play in our head affect how we spend our days. When our brains encourage us, and say positive messages, the words drown out the negative sound track.

The only way to defeat negative thoughts is to fill our brain with positive thoughts. And it appears that a catchy tune helps us remember,  I want to see you be brave.

What does brave look like to you?

If you were take a photograph of what brave looks like to you. What would the photograph be of?

A swimming pool? You have always wanted to learn how to swim.
A math textbook? Numbers never make sense to you, but you want to try.
A tennis court? You have always wanted to learn how to play.
A telephone? Is there someone you need to call, but you have been avoiding the possible conflict?

Is there something you have wanted to do for a long time; days, weeks, months, years? But, you were afraid to try?

I know. It is hard. It is hard to learn something new.

And, you might say, “I am not good at math, or swimming, or tennis, or dealing with conflict.” So then you never take the math class, or learn how to swim, or learn how to play tennis. And you never heal the friendship because you were afraid to call.

Or you hate to be the only person with gray hair in your class. And you are embarrassed.

Learning is learning at any age. You are never too gray to learn something new.

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My brave is learning a new computer program, InDesign. I have wanted to learn how to use In Design for the past three years. But, I didn’t feel brave.

I was embarrassed that it took me so long to learn something new.

But as my father-in-law said:

No concept is so difficult that it can not be conquered by the repeated attacks of an ordinary mind.
—Dr. Morrison Hodges

Today I was brave. Today, I did one hour of instruction. I set the timer on my phone, ignored facebook and gmail, and attacked InDesign.

It is just one hour, but it is a start. And, we all have to start somewhere.

Learning InDesign

I want to see you be brave

If I could sing, I would sing to you, “I want to see you be brave.”  I will let  Sarah Bareilles sing Brave for you. Unless you are one of the forty-two million, four hundred and twenty-two thousand and four hundred and twenty-six people who has already seen Sarah sing Brave on YouTube.

How big is your brave? What does your brave look like? (Mine looks like the cover of an InDesign textbook.)

Learning InDesign

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  • La McCoy

    This was posted March 31st. Then the afternoon of the first happened

    • Yes, Laura,
      The day my cat, Pooh Hodges died. So sad.
      I haven’t been on the computer for several days. Thank you for your love and concern. Hello to Edelweiss.

  • DA Schuhow

    I know what my brave(s) in the past were but don’t know my brave right now. Feeling too raw for anything else right now.
    By the way, are you going to the Allume conference this year?

    • Hello DA Schuhow,
      Sorry I just saw this today. My cat died on April 1st, and I have not been on the computer for several days.
      I was thinking about attending. Are you going?

      • DA Schuhow

        Not committed at this time, it’d be an expensive trip for me. Considering it though. Sorry about your cat, I know how you feel.

  • Kourosh411

    Hi Pamela, Thanks For Your Writings

  • Gholamhossein

    Hello Pamela
    I’m Glad That This Topic curious You
    People Who Destroy Justice are Ruthless and Evil
    And People Who Behave With Justice
    Are Clean and Righteous

  • Sometimes being brave is just stepping into the classroom full of early adolescents who also are trying to be brave, & I know that, but the ways they choose to be brave is sometimes a challenge. Deep breath, step into ‘the class’, ‘the computer program’, the swimming pool, etc. Love hearing the support, Pamela. Thank you!

    • Hello Linda,
      You face bravery every day. Thank you for being brave enough to make a difference in children’s lives. And you do. Every day.

  • Gholamhossein

    You Wrote About the courage, I Read It and Enjoyed it
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    Star Number 1 said Jealousy Is The Fruit Of Courage
    He Also said Inability Is Pest and Patience Is Courage.
    The Star Number 6 Said Brave Is One Who Dominate His Passion

    • Hello Gholanhossein,

      May you always be brave.
      I am curious, “till God Destroy Satan and All Evil People
      and Deliver The Earth to Clean People”
      Who is evil? Who is clean?

  • Krithika Rangarajan

    Awww honey…I want to be brave enough to plow ahead with my plans for a new website. I don’t have anything written yet, and I am unable to overcome this hesitation..

    Is my hesitancy the Universe’s way of saying this is a bad idea? Or is it an indication that I might stumbled upon something great by moving ahead with my plans..


    For now, however, I want to be brave enough to hit the gym!L OL


    • Hello Krithika,
      Did you hit the gym? Now, that is brave.
      Perhaps the hesitancy to change your website is Resistance? As mentioned in “The War of Art.” If you want to change, then change. And it you don’t, then don’t.
      I think the hardest thing is to really know ones own mind, and then take action.

  • My 81year old mother’s Parkinson’s has slowly worsened, to the point she can’t really get out of her chair into her electric wheelchair. She lives in a nice retirement community with services available, but I fear at some point transition to a skilled nursing facility. I will have to face that prospect. But I will be brave.

    • John,
      My heart breaks to hear of your mother’s Parkinson’s. Yes, you will be brave for your mommy.

  • Robn Patrick

    So you made me to bring up the song on youtube :~) I had heard it but never listened to it. I am facing some daunting days ahead and have been so fearful. Th!!is just might be my new theme song!

    • Hello Robn,
      It will be our shared theme song. 🙂 Praying for your daunting days.

  • I like Sarah Bareilles’ song, too. But, I must admit, I haven’t really listened to the words, carefully, either. To me, being brave simply means taking care of extraordinary business. Some good, some not so good. I was brave in accepting a freelance job. I was brave in stepping up and speaking to someone about a very difficult thing. I believe as Anne does, that the Lord opens those doors we’re meant to step through.

  • Pamela, I think I need to trust that God will open doors when he wants to. I’m willing to walk through them. I probably need to start declaring I’m a speaker instead of waiting for someone else to declare it. The lack of funds seems to stop me from moving forward. I know I can become a better writer. I’m working at that. Maybe I need to walk by faith and trust that God will be who he says he is. Jehovah Jireh. The Lord Will provide. Otherwise I am waiting to dip my feet in the Jordan. And if they would have waited, it never would have parted.

    • Hello Anne,
      It sounds like it is time to dip your feet in the Jordan. You are a speaker. And, you have spoken to groups before. Your writing is a gift. Words waiting to be spoken and written.
      Anne, go to a mirror, and say, “Hello, my name is Anne, I am a writer and a speaker.” (p.s. You can also add, and I look great today.)