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If Jimmy Fallon almost lost his finger, I might lose mine too

If Jimmy Fallon tells you, “Don’t google ring avulsion,” listen to him. Of course I didn’t listen. As soon as I watched the video of him explaining why he was in the ICU for ten days, I googled “ring avulsion.”


Jimmy didn’t tell me why I shouldn’t look. And I hate being told not to do something. If you click on “images” after you search for ring avulsion there are graphic photographs of fingers that have been partially amputated.

The word avulsion is a noun, it means the action of pulling or tearing away.

And, now I have an order placed for a silicon ring; it should come on July 16th. And before my husband reads this post on my blog, I will have to tell him why I am not wearing my wedding ring after Friday.

The inside of the ring is engraved. PBF + JNH  9-22-1990

We have been married for almost twenty-five years and I have never taken off my ring. Well, maybe when I had hernia surgery. They told me not to lift anything heavy after having a c-section. But, they didn’t say I couldn’t move the furniture. I didn’t lift it I pushed the sleeper sofa across the floor.

Luckily I did not lose my ring finger when I carried boxes from the garage to the basement and then back to the garage and then back to the basement. And I have never lost any fingers when I clean the seven litter boxes. Perhaps I can still wear my wedding ring when I wash the dishes. However, I should be careful when I wash the silverware, I might catch it on a fork.

Be careful of loose braided rugs in the kitchen

Jimmy Fallon tripped on a  braided rug in his kitchen. His ring got caught on the countertop, got stuck there and pulled his finger off.

 How can you tell when you are going to trip on a loose rug? No one should ever wear a ring because you can never tell when you might trip.

If everyone was worried about tripping on loose rugs and ripping their fingers off when they fell, the jewelry stories selling diamond engagement rings would go out of business. The diamond industry would go bankrupt and women would no longer be able to compare the size of their diamonds.

Switch to a silicon ring

Mind you, it would be easier to save for a silicon engagement ring. They are under twenty dollars. And all the money you would save on an engagement ring could be used towards a down-payment on a house, or a motorcycle.

Here is my new wedding band. Made by QALO– hypoallergenic, and premium quality. If you click on the ring, it will take you to Amazon. Only $15.99 with Prime shipping. (And, to be honest, it is an affiliate link. The pennies Amazon pays me helps buy kitty litter. We have four cats and seven litter boxes.)

I will let you know what the new ring looks like when it arrives. I will either wear the silicon ring for the next twenty-five years, or I will continue to wear my gold wedding band and just never walk where there are loose rugs.

And you? Are you worried about ring avulsion? Will you trade in your gold wedding band for silicon? Please let me know in the comments. I would love to chat.

p.s. I should order a ring for my husband so our rings can match. I wonder if Jimmy would want me to order him a ring too?

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  • My husband no longer wears his wedding band (he lost the original one, so I really don’t care) because of his job. My rings haven’t been off in probably 20 years. It’s at the point where my finger resemble a tree growing around a chain that was once wrapped around it. No chance of finger avulsion here.

  • Pamela- One of the guys I work with had a tattoo on his ring finger. Talk about a permanent wedding band! And he doesn’t have to worry about ring avulsions. Just faded ink!

    • Hi John,
      Now a tattoo sounds like a great idea. You could trip on a braided rug and only have to worry about hitting your head and not losing a finger.
      I wonder if washing dishes without rubber gloves would make the ink fade faster?