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Lets cover 1 year old Ryder The Fighters Hospital walls with Christmas Cards and Drawings

Lets cover Ryder The Fighter’s hospital walls with birthday and Christmas cards and drawings!

Ryder is fighting cancer at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston Texas. Ryder was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia about six months ago, on May 15th, 2015.

Ryder is fighting cancer #teamryder

After several rounds of chemo, the last round of chemo worked! Right now, they are waiting for a bone marrow donor. Once they have a donor they can start radiation and the transplant process.

Each day is a gift. Will you please help make each one of Ryder’s days special?

Ryder will be two on Christmas Day!

I had to make that big. Can you image how exciting it is to have a birthday on Christmas Day? But, how sad to have to spend it in the hospital, when all you want to do is be at home. Will you help make Ryder’s Christmas special?

Will you please send Ryder a card?

Will you please send Ryder a birthday card, a Christmas card, or a drawing? 

Or send him a photograph of your dog, or your cat. He really likes cats.

Will you send it today? 

Ryder Trull
Texas Children’s Hospital
West Tower
6621 Fannin St.
Houston Texas

 Lets cover Ryder’s walls with love!

Let’s send smiles, hugs and prayers for Ryder and his mommy Kayla and his daddy Nathan.

Ryder and his mommy and daddy, Kayla and Nathan.

Ryder and his mommy and daddy, Kayla and Nathan.

Dear Jesus,

Please heal Ryder. Please comfort him and his family as they fight this battle. Please bring joy and sunshine and smiles to Ryder and his mommy and daddy this Christmas.

Love Pamela

Will you please share this, so we can cover Ryder’s walls with cards. May no drywall be exposed anywhere. 🙂

p.s. His mommy and daddy will read this, if you want to send them a message. You can click here to comment.

Ryder also has a facebook page. Ryder The Fighter, and a page to Help with Hospital Expenses, Ryder the Fighter


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  • Howdy Pamela. So I read your great post and drew a cartoon of myself on letter head. I also wrote a note to Ryder and his folks, and included our police department collector coin, patches, sticker and my trading card. Here’s a photo below of everything before we mailed it out. Let’s pray for a speedy recovery for Ryder!

    • John, John, John,
      You are very kind. This is great. I love the drawing, and all the gifts you are sending. You are really going to bless this little boy and his family.
      The drawing looks just like you. Kind and blond.
      That patch is really cool too.
      May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hello to your family and dogs.

      • Happy Turkey Day to you too, Pamela! And a Merry Christmas. I have a feeling Pooh is purring for you from above!

  • Robn Patrick

    I would be thrilled to send Ryder the Fighter a Christmas Birthday card! Keep up the fight Ryder and mom and dad. I’ve been through the chemo radiation process and as awful as it is it is also hope. Will pray for the treatments to work and that health will be restored to Ryder. And blessings on you too Mom and Dad. I know you are the incredible fighters that keep Ryder going toward health!

    • Hello Robn,
      Thank you so much for offering to send Ryder a Christmas Birthday Card. He will be delighted.
      And thank you for your kind words for Ryder’s mommy and daddy.
      I appreciate your friendship.