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My favorite pens and paper to make a coloring book

Right now I am in the middle of drawing thirty-seven cats for a cat coloring book. Color The Cats: 37 Cat Coloring Pages to Calm The Spirit. It is coming out on Amazon the beginning of December. I want to share my favorite pens and paper with you.

2015-11-22 21.19.26-2

My plan was to have 30 cats, but I keep finding more cats to draw. At some point I will have to stop adding cats, as there are over six hundred million small cats in the world, and a coloring book with that many pages would be impossible to carry. And, it would take me at least ten million years to draw all the cats.

I may have trouble saying no to the cats who want to model for me, but I at least I made up my mind about what  paper and pens to use for the drawings.

When I started drawing the cats, I used cardstock, but the paper was too absorbent,  and the colors came out gray instead of black.

My favorite paper



Borden and Riley #234 Paris Paper For Pens, really is great paper And according to the Border and Riley company, who have been paper experts since 1910, the paper is  ” a smooth and bleedproof all-purpose paper. It is ideal for use with all pens and markers. A perfect paper for Manga and other types of illustration.”

The size I am using is 9×12. It is a 108 pound paper.

I love how the ink glides on the paper.

I completely forgot to turn my phone horizontal. Sorry for the narrow view. And, I am really sorry Wes Wages. I did pay attention in your video class, but I forgot in the heat of the moment.

The best felt pens

Now when I say the best. I mean, my favorite. Let me tell you why.

  1. I love the Copic Sketch Pen. #100 Black. It has two tip ends. One has a brush nip and the other end is like a chiseled marker.
    The line quality is like a paint brush. I love that I can vary the thickness of the line. I use this brush for the main body of the cat.
  2. For thin lines I use Sakura Pigma Micron pens. Ranging from 0.2 to 0.8. The ink is archival, and it doesn’t bleed. I use this pen for the smaller lines.

After I make the drawings I scan them into Adobe Photoshop. Then they get placed into Adobe Indesign, made into a PDF and uploaded onto Create Space, the publishing arm of Amazon.

2015-11-24 16.13.51

Who are the cat models?

The cats started out being fictional characters. Cats from my imagination, not a drawing of a specific cat. When I ran out of ideas, I asked for cats to model for me. Now I have cat models from all over the world. A cat who was rescued from a busy highway in Singapore, a cat who came from a dump in France, and a cat who was rescued from a snow bank in Canada.

10% of the money from the coloring books will go towards animal rescue. The book will come out the beginning of December.

After the book comes out, then I will clean the house. The only job I do every day is to clean the seven litter boxes. Well, sometimes I cook. And I will cook a Turkey this Thursday, in between drawing cats.

Learning as I go

I am learning as I go. This is me sharing my process. Not me, being a smarty pants, and saying I know everything there is to know.
Please give me your suggestions, what you like to draw with, your favorite pens, paper.

I am taking an InDesign class at my local community college, I am still learning. Making mistakes, but learning.

Now back to drawing.


As always I love to hear from you.  Please click here to comment.

p.s. I will post a link here when the coloring book comes out. Or email me at [email protected], and I will send you an email when it is finished.



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  • La McCoy

    Thank you for the cat coloring book. IT is so much fun. Edel does continue to look for her picture.

  • Robn Patrick

    I LOVE paper and pens! I use copic sketch markers a lot. I like to stamp and then color in the stamps and blend and shade so they have more depth. I also like the Sakura Micron pens. The paper you are using I’ve never even heard off. I will have to check it out. Your drawings are great and they make me happy. Sorry I didn’t get another pic of Tardis to you. I can’t find any good ones but maybe I’ll get one tomorrow at Thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey. Thankful that I know you. You have enriched my life@

    • Oh Robin,
      I could cry. Why I am still up at 2:01 in the morning is beyond me. But your comment has totally enriched my life. I am thankful that I know you too. So the sadness of living in so many different places is you have to say good-bye. But if I never moved a lot, I would have never met your smiling face.
      I did a lot of research to find this paper. I hated that the cheaper papers sucked up my ink.
      This paper doesn’t work for India Ink, as it doesn’t absorb it very well. But it is great with markers.
      Your stamp art sounds fun. Please share one of your pieces here if you would like to.
      And, hello to Tardis. I guessed what his ears would look like.

  • kathunsworth

    Pamela loved watching you create. I use Uni Pin pens for fine detail but do love copics and micron. I also play with Posca paint pens for something different. Your cat colouring -in book will be spectacular I have no doubt, all the best.

    • Hell Kath,
      Thank you for stopping by all the way from Australia. Oh, I have to try the Posca paint pens. That sound like a lot of fun. Continuous lines without running out of ink.
      You are sweet. Right now I am trying to just get it done. I didn’t draw today, but I did clean the seven litter boxes.
      Kath, please share one of your drawings here. 🙂

  • Berdeane Bodley

    I haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about, all I know is i want one of your coloring books, as you know I like cats, most of all I love you. 🙂

    • Hello Mother,
      I was just talking about paper and pens. Giving the specific name for each. I read over what I said, and it does look like latin. Perhaps I should write a post explaining what paper weight means. The higher the number the thicker the paper is.
      I love you too mother. More than cats even.

  • Very informative post, Pamela. I sometimes use the Sailor and Pentel brush pens to do sketches. It takes practice to vary the line but is fun. I’ll have to learn more about Amazon’s Create Space, for future book ideas!

    • Hello John,
      I will have to check out the Sailor and Pentel brush pens. It is always fun to try new pens. And to find out what other artist’s use.
      Once I navigate Create Space, I will share all I have learned.
      John, please share one of your drawings here. 🙂 If you don’t mind.