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When is it okay to ignore the dog hair on the staircase?

When is it okay to ignore the dog hair on the staircase?  Is it possible for a woman to not clean every day, and still be considered a woman? Should we feel shame if there is dog hair on the carpet?   What do you think? I am in the middle of drawing forty cats for a […]

When was the last time you saw magic? Day 2 #toycember

This morning when I woke up, I went looking for magic. What did the toys do last night? They come alive at midnight every day in December. Where were they? I went to the last place I saw them, hanging from Christmas Tree lights on the deer head my Grandfather shot in southern Saskatchewan long before […]

The toys came alive and strung up lights on the deerhead! December 1st, 2015

Last night when I went to bed the toys were still in the storage container. I wasn’t sure if they would come alive again this year. You never can tell what toys are thinking. This morning I woke up at 4:30! I was so excited to see if the toys came alive again this year. […]