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The toys came alive and strung up lights on the deerhead! December 1st, 2015

Last night when I went to bed the toys were still in the storage container. I wasn’t sure if they would come alive again this year. You never can tell what toys are thinking.


This morning I woke up at 4:30! I was so excited to see if the toys came alive again this year. At midnight on November 30th imagination and magic happen if you believe. And it did! The toys came alive! They took out colored lights for the Christmas Tree and put them on the deer head in the front room.

The toys came alive!


I wonder if the toys heard me debating between colored lights or white lights for the tree. It appears they want colored lights this year. So, it looks like I will listen to the toys. It is hard to argue with toys that come alive.


The toys will come alive every night at midnight in December. To follow the adventure you can subscribe to ipaintiwrite.com, or follow along on the facebook page, toycember, or on instagram @toycember

I will post to Facebook and instagram every day at noon, and the blog goes out every morning at nine. Hopefully they aren’t hiding and I can find them before then.

All my best,


Click here to comment. Do you have toys that come alive too? You can upload your toys adventure pictures to the Facebook toycember page,  or tag them #toycember for instagram, toycember

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  • La McCoy

    WE love Toy member!

  • Toys don’t come alive in my house, I don’t think, but this certainly looks fun!

    • Hello Robyn,
      You can never tell with toys. They just might surprise you in the middle of the night. December is always fun here. A little bit if mystery and imagination in the middle of the night.;)

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Pamela, is that Grampa Oliver’s deer head hanging on your wall? I truly hope it is & how quaint the toys came alive to decorate it this year. I am with Nick, I would be most upset if they drew on my walls.

  • I love how the toys come alive in your home. My dogs have toys, which seem to appear all over the house. I always thought the dogs left them there. But now I’m not so sure…

    • Hello John,

      Yes, you can never tell with toys. I was really hoping they would come alive again this year.
      Please post photographs of what the dog toys get into on the toycember facebook page. You never know what might happen in December at midnight in California. Really, you never know.

  • Robn Patrick

    Not a bad job! I can tell they worked together on this. Now will they be upset if you make any changes to their work?

    • Hello Robn,
      I don’t move the toys during the day. I don’t know if they would be upset. I can try to stay awake and watch them move at midnight tonight. But, I think they only move when people aren’t watching.
      Nick, my husband said, “I hope they don’t draw on the walls again this year.”
      Me too. But, you never can tell with toys.