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Cut the buckle off your boots if you want to

Last week I tried on  a new pair of genuine Australian sheepskin boots in a warehouse store. The boots have a buckle over the instep and at the top of the boot. I hated the buckles, so I put the boots back in the box, put the box on the shelf and walked away.


As I was walking past the apples and oranges towards the strawberries, I kept thinking about the boots. They were only $29.99 for real sheepskin. Or was it $39.99? I can’t remember. But the buckles. I hated the buckles.

Then I realized.

I can cut the buckle off.

I walked back to the boot display and put a box of boots in my shopping cart. When I came home I cut the buckles off of the boots. 

The buckle is:

a bottle of brown hair dye you don’t want to use
a hug you don’t want to accept
stiletto heels that hurt your feet
a served piece of cake you don’t want to eat
studying to be a teacher when you want to study art
a piece of lace
eyeshadow and concealer
only having two children when you want eight

There is no one in the boot aisle of the store telling us we can’t cut the buckles off our boots. Yet we often live our life with buckles we don’t want. 

Sometimes the voice of  “should” lives in our heads. We hear the voices of our parents, teachers, or our friends telling us what we should do. We read in magazines, on-line, and in books about how we should behave. Movies, television shows, and social media tell us, and show us, where we are supposed to have buckles in our lives. 

“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them”
― Denis Waitley

If you have a buckle on your boot, will you cut if off if you don’t want it there?

Who will you listen to? Will you listen to the woman in the advertisement telling you how young you will look if you cover up the gray in your hair, or will you listen to Solomon who said, “Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained by living a godly life.”?

Take a close look —can you cut the buckle off?

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  • La McCoy

    I wil go look and see if i have any buckles then cut them off.

  • LilianGardner

    My dear Pam,
    Your posts are so interesting.
    I always cut off anything that bothers me with dress, shoes or other.
    This sounds crazy and I may be over sensitive, but I wear most of my underwear insideout to avoid those rough seams from irritating my skin.

    • Hello Lilian,
      Thank you for your kind comment. You are so wise to cut your clothes so they are comfortable. And why don’t they actually design the underwear so the seams are on the outside anyhow. It is like building a fence and keeping the seams in. Why don’t we get the pretty side?
      I wish you all my best, and may all of your clothes tags not be itchy.
      Pamela (Harper says hello too)

  • colleenvalles

    Really insightful, Pamela! I think that if we start with buckles, changing something small to make it fit our lives better, then it’s easier to move onto the bigger things, until finally we’re living the life we want.

    • Hello Colleen,
      Oh, I love your suggestion to start small and keep working towards the life we want. Today, buckles! Tomorrow the whole boot!
      All my best,

  • Thank you Pamela. Thought provoking and good illustration! Not many dare to cut in something they have just bought. You make me think. Maybe there is something I can change without caring about what other people think. You have activated my brain 🙂

    • Hello Mariane,
      How have you been? Did you find a buckle to cut off? I care too much what other people think. Every day is a chance to learn and find joy in who we are.
      Hello to an activated brain.

      • Hi Pamela, I’ve been fine, a little busy and tired. Have I found a buckle to cut off? Well, I don’t know 🙂 I agree with that – Every day is a new chance!

  • Amen! I love it. Thanks for posting and giving me something to think about. Now, where did I put my scissors?

    • Hello Harvest,
      Did you find your scissors? Thank you for stopping to say hello.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Well, when I had my hair colored last week I went crazy & had my hair dresser put a red streak down the left side of my hair, it’s kind of a copper color, she said it would not fade as a red would. I rather like it, & “Godly” or not, I for one can not go grey. This is my buckle I cut off. xo Mom

    • Hi Mom,
      We all have different buckles. The whole point is: we have choices and we have the freedom to choose how we live. My buckle might not be your buckle.
      So be you Mom. You are wonderful.
      Your daughter

  • felicia_d

    Awesome post! I’ve removed a few buckles in the past…and the world didn’t end. Time to find my sharpest scissors! Thanks!

    • Hello felicia_d,
      Thank you for saying hello. Please let me know how it went cutting off a buckle. Wishing you all my best,