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3 reasons why you need to write every day

When does your milk expire?

“Oh, crap,” you say. Here is another person telling me what to do. Yes, I am telling you what to do. I am telling you to write every day. Your neighbor will tell you to write whenever you want to. Your neighbor will also tell you when they want you to mow your lawn, or why you should switch to their garbage service.

Before I will tell you why you need to write every day, I want to ask you a few questions. No peeking.

1. What color is your next door neighbors front door?
2. What is in your kitchen sink?
3. When does your milk expire?
4. How many pairs of socks do you own?
5. What color was the sky at sunset last night?

Okay now, how did you do? Were you able to answer my five questions?  Did you get any of the answers right?

Why you need to write every day

1. Writing every day turns on your writing brain. You notice details.
2. Writing every day makes you a better writer.
3. Writing every day helps you develop the writing habit.

Habit, according to Wikipedia,  is an acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically. Habit is also a song by Pearl Jam, an album by Neon Trees, a distinctive dress worn by members of a religious order, and a 1977 horror film.

Writing every day will give you a behavior that occurs automatically. Writing will become as natural as brushing your teeth after every meal, and flushing the toilet after you use it.

Help! What should I write about?

1. Write about what you see in the world.
2. Stop asking for what you should write about, and look around you, look within.
3.  You have a story that only you can tell. Write it down. Someone needs to read it.

You have options

You can brush your teeth after every meal or once a week.  You can switch your garbage service, or you can keep the one you have. You can write every day or you can write once a month on Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

What are you doing to do?

I believe in you

You can do this. You have ideas. Write. Write every day.

Will you?

Please let me know in the comments


P.S. My answers to the five questions

1. Black.
2. Probably dirty dishes
3. March 8th, 2013. But I peeked.
4. I’m not sure. I will tell you tomorrow after I clean out my sock drawer.
5. No idea, I forgot to look.

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  • EmFairley

    I’m only reading this now and my first thought was, wow, that milk will have created quite a stink in the fridge! LOL. Can I be so bold as to suggest if you reblog or repost that you add a note indicating the original posting date to avoid any such confusion. Regardless, I LOVE the post

    • Hello EmFairley,
      Oh, you are so right. How silly of me. Now, that would have been really bad milk!
      Thank you for helping me sort out the best way to repost a story. I thought the content might be “evergreen” but the milk isn’t. 🙂
      Thank you!

  • Whiners

    One thing, check your spelling and grammar .
    “What are you doing to do?” and other mistakes just ruins an otherwise good article.

  • Well, this post goes right along with my 31 day writing challenge. (So glad you are joining in.)

    Here are my answers:
    1) I think it is beige. And that’s really bad, because it’s my brother’s house and I was just there this evening.
    2) Dishes
    3) No idea, but it’s sometime in March
    4) I haven’t a clue
    5) Shades of gold and blue. I know this only because I went outside to see the space station fly over about that time.

    • pamelahodges

      Hello Joan, thank you for sharing your answers. I look forward to reading your writing every day in March.

  • Pamela, this is wonderful! I’m going to print this out and place it near my computer. My habit of writing has succumbed to obsessive lesson planning.

    Hey, I knew all the answers except for #4. If you count new socks, then I do know. Zero.

    I just came home from the grocery store and cleaned the sink, so I passed by #1 while #2 and #3 are fresh on my mind. My knowledge of #5 is due to the rainy day we had yesterday.

    Fun questions!

    • pamelahodges

      Loved your answers to the questions. I am glad the list will help you write. I would love to read your stories.

  • I’ve been writing every day this week which is a major success for me.

    1. A goldish yellow
    2. Some dishes
    3. I don’t have any milk
    4. 5 pairs
    5. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight

    I rose this morning at 5:30, thirty minutes off, BUT caught up on Day 2 of Early to Rise, and wrote my post on http://www.shelleydupont.com

    • pamelahodges

      Hello Shelley, good job writing every day this week. And you knew all of the answers. You must be paying attention.