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Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can stay up until 2:42 AM finishing

Another writing deadline met just in time. It is 2:42 on Tuesday morning and I just added the last image to the article about developing character in a story through posture, for The Write Practice.


Every two weeks I write an article to be published on Tuesday at thewritepractice.com. And, every week I say, “I really should work on my article today.” I have two weeks to write it. And every week I finish the story the night before.  This is the story I wrote this week. How Does Your Character Stand?

I don’t think I would  finish anything if I didn’t have a deadline.

My babies were delivered only because they had a due date. They had nine months to be made, or forty weeks, and then they had to come out. I wasn’t ready for them.

I would have waited a few more years.

The dishes only get washed because there are no more clean plates. I only wash my laundry because I run out of clean underwear. And the litter boxes only get cleaned because Charlie, our cat, drags my cloth napkins into the litter box when it is dirty.

Are you a stay up late, finish at the last-minute type of person or a plan ahead, finish early and get a good nights sleep type of person?

Please let me know in the comments. I would love to chat. (After I clean the seven litter boxes.)

For the month of March I am writing every day with Two Writing Teachers for their Slice of Life Challenge. Writing about art, creativity and everyday life with cat barf and seven litter boxes. You are welcome to join the challenge. There are great prizes. To find out more, you can click on the orange slice to read other stories and join the challenge.

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My name is Pamela Hodges. I am a writer and an artist. I write to encourage and to bring laughter. I paint cats, draw cartoons and write books for children and grown ups.

You are an artist. Yes, you are. Really.

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  • La McCoy

    I cant stay up so late.

  • EmFairley

    I try and get things done ahead of time as much as I can, mainly because doing so helps me balance the artist and writer in me. Trying to juggle both would and indeed was impossible when I was more spontaneous. That said, I tend to set myself some tight deadlines that mean things inadvertently get left to the last minute because I’ve underestimated the work involved. Eek lol

    • Hello Em Fairley,
      An artist and a writer, an interesting life to try and balance. If you are doing one you can’t be doing the other. It is like trying to wash the dishes and vacuum at the same time.
      And every project always takes longer than we expect. It is like remodeling your kitchen. There is always something else to do.
      Thank you for stopping by. What are you working on now?

      • EmFairley

        Thanks Pamela. I’m currently doing the first edit of a full length novel and also preparing for a couple art classes I’ll be teaching before Easter. I want the edit finished before I travel to teach the classes, but it will be tight. 20 days and counting.


        • Hi Em,
          How exciting to be at the stage to be editing your novel. Oh, I am so curious. what art classes will you be teaching. How exciting to share what you know with others!
          How many days now?

          • EmFairley

            I travel March 23 and the classes are the day after. 12 working days to go and 14 chapters left to edit, so things aren’t as tight as I was thinking they were. The projects are both 3 dimensional, a box within a box and triple easel card 🙂

            Em xoxo

  • GirlGriot

    Oy. I’m such a procrastinator! I was thinking of you this weekend as I worked on my comics homework … and drew myself as Superman! You continue to inspire me, Pamela. Glad the Slice of Life Challenge has pulled me back to my blog and back to checking in on your wonderful blog!

    • Hi Girl Griot
      I saw your cartoon. It is so you. Women of many names with the super powered knees. It is always a pleasure to know what you are doing and read your words.

      • GirlGriot

        Thanks, Pamela!

  • Ashley Brown

    I work very hard to not fall into the procrastination trap, but I do more often than not. This month will be great for me, as there’s no time to procrastinate! 🙂 Good luck!

    • Hi Ashley,
      So true! Writing every day takes away the trap of procrastination. Unless you are writing at eleven every night.
      May all your writing be fun and free from procrastination!

  • I regularly write every Saturday morning. My articles are due to my editor one week in advance, so a set schedule works best for me. I do research periodically through the week.

    • Hi John,
      A set schedule sounds wonderful. It would take away the stress of trying to do everything at the last minute.
      Where do you publish your articles? I love to read what you write.

  • So funny, Pamela. I imagine you are using the time doing “other” things besides the dishes. I don’t wait, do things way ahead, then it feels like freed time for what else I’d like to do. Each person gets to live the way they choose, no judgement. You met the deadline, so that seems good to me!

    • Hello Linda,
      I will try your strategy this week and write my story one week early. The joy of having free time and a good nights sleep the night before a deadline is something I miss.
      I have never missed my deadlines. So that is good. Maybe if I wrote earlier I would have more time to edit?
      All my best, in my ordinary day

      • I really do think each to her own, Pamela. What works for the individual is a good plan. Enjoy that ‘ordinary’ day, hopefully filled with cats purring and the dishwasher humming!

  • Liz McKenna

    Your post definitely resonated with me! I’m also a procrastinator who KNOWS it’s never a good idea to procrastinate and continues to do it anyway. I’m crazy deadline driven, in almost everything I do!

    • Hello Liz,
      Good morning fellow procrastinator. I wonder why the last-minute deadline feels so fulfilling? Maybe it is the big adrenaline rush at the end?
      I hope you have a deadline free day.