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A dog brings sunshine on a cloudy day

Annie, our Golden Retriever,  threw up yesterday morning. She had an ovariohysterectomy the day before.  Her first night home she slept through the night. Probably because the anesthesia hadn’t worn off yet.


We put a blanket in the dryer and then put the heated blanket on her dog bed. The veterinarian said her body temperature would be lower because of the anesthesia. We sat with her in the kitchen while she slept.

Last night after I had finished writing my story it was just a little after midnight. Annie was asleep on the floor beside me. I sat on the dog bed in my studio and she came and laid down beside me. She put her head on my leg and fell asleep.

I know Annie is a dog and not a person. I know she probably would have been fine to be alone her second night after surgery, but I didn’t want her to throw up and have no one with her.

I found a blanket and sat up with her for several hours. She stayed asleep and didn’t throw up.

I thought I was helping Annie, and maybe I was. But, really, she was helping me.

On days when the sunshine can’t break through the clouds, Annie brings the sun.

Late at night, the sun shines in my dark office.


Do your pets bring you sunshine on a cloudy day?

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  • Beautiful. Your heart for your pets comes through so well. Loved this post.

  • EmFairley

    I totally understand the sun shine late at night. They bring us so much. I pray both your girls feel better soon.

    Em xoxo

    • Thank you for your prayers Em,
      Annie was chasing the ball in the back yard this morning. Martha is back sleeping beside the bed, snoring, and keeping us safe.

      • EmFairley

        That’s great news.
        Em xoxo

  • La McCoy

    Edel asks everyday how Annie is. I am so glad you updated us.
    Dear Annie, I am sorry for your surgery. I had surgery a long time ago and it hurt a lot. but it does not hurt any more. I hope you feel better real soon and can go out side and play.
    Please tell Martha I hope she is feeling better. Edelweiss.

    • Hello Edelweiss,
      I am feeling much better. Hugs to you and Laura.

      • La McCoy

        Oh Good Annie,
        I am glad you feel better.
        Maybe later you, Martha, Harper, Charlie and the twins can come over and play. We will have great time.
        Love Edelweiss.

  • JeNan Merrill

    “Late at night, the sun shines in my dark office.”
    What a perfect description of all the joy that dogs bring to our lives. I think you are both blessed to have each other. I hope Annie feels better soon.

    • Thank you JeNan,
      She was playing ball this morning. She uses her cone to scoop up the ball.
      Silly puppy.

  • Stephanie Raffelock

    My dog stinks because he won’t stay out of the ditches. The beautiful hardwood floors that we added during our remodel are accented with paw prints. Dog hair is both a condiment and a fashion accessory in our home. And yet. . . I would sit up all night with our dog if he were sick. Jeter, named for the great Yankee shortstop, brings sunshine everyday. (That’s such a nice way of putting it, Pamela). He makes my husband and I laugh with his goofy antics and he keeps me from being to prissy about having perfect hardwood floors. Dogs are full of life and goodwill and I think that they teach us how to be better people . . . I’ve had a few cats who have done that too, but they were neater about it. I hope your dog feels better soon and that both you and your dog continue to appreciate life with full and happy hearts. Big wags!

    • Hello Stephanie and Jeter!
      Sending you puppy hugs and sunshine today. Dogs do keep us real. I like what you said about them teaching us to be better people. I love my pets, and I love their unconditional love.

  • That’s so sweet, Pamela. I’ve spent time with dogs and cats in the past being the caregiver. They never failed to care for me too. I understand.

  • bjdonaldson

    We have an old Golden Retriever, too, named Gracie. I so understand what you are saying. There is no way a person who hasn’t had such a loving and intuitive pet can truly understand. Our dog had the same surgery and almost died. Before I knew if she could be helped, I sat, crying, on the floor petting her. She looked up with her sweet brown eyes as if to say, “I’m sorry you’re sad!” Only a Golden. She is the sunshine on cloudy days! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi bjdonaldson,
      And hello to Gracie too. That must have been so scary when she almost died from surgery. She sounds like such a sweet heart. Please give her a pat on the head from me.
      May you have sunshine today, and a sunbeam too.

  • GirlGriot

    My cats do bring sunshine sometimes. We’re still not 100% ourselves after that awful attack last year (they now sleep separate from me), but they make me laugh and cheer me up when I’m having an off day or night. I hope Annie is okay. I love golden retrievers, and she is such a cute one.

    • Hi GirlGriot,
      Yes, I remember that awful day too. Sounds like you are wise to sleep separately from them. I wonder what prompted the attack?
      Annie is doing better. She uses her cone to scoop up her ball when we play catch. You wouldn’t even know she had surgery a few days ago.