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6 reasons why you should use the key fob and not the key

This afternoon I went to Barnes and Noble. When I left the store, I had trouble finding my van — a white Kia Sedona. Then I saw it. I always use the automatic unlock button, but today I used the key.



The key didn’t work.

That’s weird, why doesn’t my key work? now I have to call my husband and get him to open the door for me or maybe I should call Triple A and tell them my key doesn’t work and I have to go and pick up my daughter at her play and how will I get there in time?

Then I looked inside the van and saw a water bottle on the seat.

Hey, where are the sunflower seed shells and the old Starbucks cup I put the shelled seeds into, and where is the bag of garbage beside the passenger seat? Did someone come and clean my van?

And where is the smashed in side? Did someone come and do bodywork on the car while I was in Barnes and Noble buying cat magazines?



6 reasons why you should always use the key fob and not the key

  1. Can you guess reason number one? Yes, you are right! You should always us the key fob so you don’t try to break into someone else’s van. If I had used the key fob, the van I thought was mine wouldn’t have beeped, and my van would have.
  2. If you use the key fob, every single time, to lock and unlock the van, you won’t accidentally lock your keys in your vehicle. Here is A fool proof method to NEVER lock your keys in the car again. 
  3. The key fob gives you added security to protect your information. According to The Straight Dope: Fighting Ignorance Since 1973, tt is harder to hot-wire a car that uses a key-fob. The car’s brain knows who the real owner is. At least, who has the right key.
  4. You can get into your vehicle quickly if a bed person is following you. You don’t have to fumble with a key and delay getting into the van.
  5. When you use the key fob to open the door you can put the forty pound page of cat litter into the van without having to set it on the ground first.
  6. When you use your key fob to enter the van you can pretend your vehicle is really a spaceship, and you are opening the bay doors automatically to let in the battle ships. True, you may just be putting a package of twenty-four rolls of toilet paper in the side door of the van. But maybe you are stocking up on supplies to travel to Mars. Who really knows for sure?


Important public service announcement.

Drive safely, wear your seatbelt, floss your teeth, shoulder check every time you back up, make sure the van you are getting into has a smashed in fender with a parking pass for Montgomery Community College, kiss the ones you love, always get a good nights sleep,and open your vehicle with a key fob.

Importan question

Do you use the key fob or the key? Please click here to comment or just scroll to the bottom of your email.


p.s. Here is my chalkboard with the goal I wrote down. What is the goal you wrote down for The power of writing down your goal?




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  • Berdeane Bodley

    I always use my fob to enter my vehicle, BUT, when I am leaving my vehicle I always use the door lock on the car door, that way no one sitting in another car can copy your vehicle # & enter your car after you leave the lot. Important piece of advice…….

    • Hi Mom,
      Wow, that never occured to me. Use the fob to get in, but use the door lock to get out.
      Maybe if I leave the door unlocked do you think someone would come and clean up all of sunflower seed shells?
      Pamela Jane, your daughter

  • Jay Warner

    My car is so old there never has been a key fob. Also, the electrical controls are shot so I can only unlock the driver’s door and the back. All other doors have to unlocked from inside the car. On the plus side, it’s not likely anyone would want to steal it, and if they did, they’d better know how to drive a stick shift. It also looks like no other car in any parking lot. Someday I will upgrade, but this car is on its third engine since 1994 and might still have some life left in her.

    • Hello Jay,
      Your car sounds very practical and wise. A car doesn’t have to have a key fob to be useful.
      I might get a stick shift on my next car, you made a good point about a thief having to know how to drive one.
      Did you put the engine in yourself?

      • Jay Warner

        No, my expertise is not in car repair, but I have very reliable friends who take care of that for me.

  • Claudia

    re: key fob v. key. I always use the key fob to open my car. The key fob is more than a convenience. It provides some measure of safety in the sense that it allows one to unlock and enter their car quickly should they feel at risk.

    • Hello Claudia,
      You made a very good point. Key fobs help us get in our cars more safely.
      I hope you are having a day full of joy and sunshine,