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Can you say in one word what is important to you?

Can you say in one word what is important to you? I am trying to say in one word what this blog is about. Why I write, who I write for. What I write about.

Seven litter boxes?
Burnt Cauliflower?

If I could only tell you one message what would it be?


Today I wrote and started to draw a little booklet to give to you. A book telling you, “You Are An Artist.” Or maybe, “Everyone is an artist.” But, you are not everyone, you are you. Or maybe the book would be, “You can draw.” Because I hear every day in the grocery story, walking in the neighborhood and in the coffee shop, “I can’t draw.”

You can draw.
And I would yell back, “You can. You can. You can.”

I have been thinking about writing this book for you for the past eighteen months. That is long enough to have made two babies, and I can’t make up my mind what to title the book.

I wanted to write the book, illustrate it, and finish it today, but there was life with children, and two dogs and four cats and seven litter boxes. And, how did I think I could finish the book in one day when it has taken me almost two years to decide on a title?

My one word about what I talk about would be art. Cat? No, maybe it is hope. No, maybe it is grace. Seven litter boxes? No, maybe it is about burning the cauliflower again. This morning is the second day in a row that I burned the pot dry trying to steam cauliflower for breakfast.

And why?
Why do I write?

Do I write so I don’t have to wash the dirty pots? Do I write to avoid doing laundry? Do I write to keep me too busy to rearrange the living room furniture? Do I write to avoid cleaning the seven litter boxes?


I write to remind you that you are enough.

You are valuable and loved by a big God. God made you special and he loves you very much.

One word. hmmm I need at least seven.

What is your one word. What is important to you?


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About Pamela Hodges

My name is Pamela Hodges. I am a writer and an artist. I write to encourage and to bring laughter. I paint cats, draw cartoons and write books for children and grown ups.

You are an artist. Yes, you are. Really.

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Get the FREE illustrated, sort of a comic book, “You Are An Artist.” Believe in yourself and your ability to draw. xo Pamela

  • Jay Warner

    My word would be mindfulness. I try to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of my
    thoughts, feelings, body, and surrounding environment. It also means not judging my thoughts or thinking there is a “right” or “wrong” way to think or feel in a
    given moment. Mindfulness carries over to my writing in a very real and tangible way, and is probably the best word to describe the way I try to live my life. Love would be the second word I would choose if given the chance to choose two.

    • Good Morning Jay,
      What a great word. It covers so many areas and ways of thinking. You can have two words Jay, it is so hard to limit our life to just one word. You can have seven words if you want to. One for each day of the week.
      I hope you are having a wonderful day today being Jay, thinking and living.

  • I really enjoyed this post and for you Pamela I think the word is acceptance. You want artists to accept they are artists. You want those who feel less than to accept they are enough. But I hear your challenge as you are many things all rolled up into the person of you. And sometimes we’re afraid if we pick one word, we are denying so many others.

    Maybe my word is loved. I know God loves me. But it’s not enough for me to share that God loves me with others, I also want them to know they are loved. Especially the times they don’t feel loved. Or the times they are shaking their angry fists at them. The very fists God fashioned as he created them. His love is not conditional. It is theirs with no strings attached. And when you live in a world where you trip with strings strewn all over the place it’s wonderful to experience his pure love. A love so wonderful he would grace us with a precious little baby girl whose only purpose in life was to come and be loved. And I got to be blessed to be her Grandma. Loved. I am really loved.

    • Hello Anne,
      Thank you for giving me a word. You explained it so kindly.
      Your word is wonderful and so true. Your heart is so kind and concerned for others. Holding you in prayer as you grieve the loss of your special granddaughter. You are loved Anne, really and truly.

  • rosie

    Nothing’s more important to me than love, because when you reach the lowest points in your life, the only thing you have is love. When all joy and happiness is gone, love endures.

    • Hello Rosie,
      Oh, you are so right.
      What a wonderful word.
      I want that one too.

  • Danie Botha

    I have a deal: one sentence.
    Or, seven “one-ish words?”
    Why do I write?
    To inspire, make you think, make you laugh, cry, to challenge you, give hope, and, make you think again–this time deeper.
    Thanks, Pamela!

    • Oh, I love it. Lets make a deal, from one word to one sentence.
      Your sentence inspires me! Thinking, laugher, and crying, PLUS hope, a challenge and a opportunity to think deeper!
      You are very welcome.

    • Susan W A

      wow … who wouldn’t want to read your work?! Do you have a blog or website?

  • Susan W A

    … graciously …

    For me, my journey is “living graciously”. I achieve this in small moments, mostly. I’ve thought about this word, and to me it invites: love, respect, cooking healthy delicious meals with family, supporting myself and others in our personal growth, rich communication, learning, gratitude, intergenerational connections, beauty, art, a body which celebrates the results of joy-filled exercise, openness, creating peaceful order in our home, patience, laughter, hugs … each moment (for some reason a dew drop or rain drop came to mind) offers the opportunity to reflect on and co-create graciousness in many forms. The journey and the goal are intertwined.

    At this point in my life I feel unfocused, inefficient and a bit stuck, and unfortunately that often results in my sabotaging my own efforts. Nevertheless, I wake each day with hope and gratitude in my heart, ready for renewed insights and progress.

    While responding to posts such as yours, Pamela, does create a bit of a distraction, I consider it to often be cathartic and a venue for reflection. I thank you for your gracious approach and the lovely space you provide.

    • Hello Susan W. A.
      I hope today you are gracious to yourself. That when you feel unfocused, inefficient and stuck you will love and respect yourself.
      May today be filled with laughter, patience and hugs.
      You are always welcome here, in this space.

      • Susan W A

        Thank you, Pamela. That’s the beauty of hope and gratitude … they cushion, buoy and inspire the heart.

  • Creativity.

  • Mary Anne Wassem


  • EmFairley

    I’ll have to think about mine a moment, but I’ve got one for you and indeed I’ve just mentioned you in a tweet with part of it, dang character limits! That was Inspire, but what I wanted to say was Inspiration. You can have either. Grin

    I think mine would have to be Creative, although I hope I inspire too

    • Hi Em,
      Thank you for your suggestion about my word.
      You can have two words, inspire and creative. Because you are both. 😉

      • EmFairley

        You are both too and a whole heap more 😉


  • Claudia


    • Oh, great word Claudia.

    • Susan W A

      Lovely. Do you want to share its significance to you? This is one of the words I use to describe my husband, and ‘congruent’ comes to mind as a “co-adjective”.

      • Claudia

        Integrity refers to authenticity. Authenticity means being the author of your own life. Being the author of your own life requires not only authenticity but also mindfulness and self-acceptance. We’re kind of like butterflies, always changing. The significance of integrity in my life, Susan, is that it keeps me grounded.

        • Susan W A

          Thanks for taking the time to respond. I like the way you expressed your ideas … some things for me to reflect on.

  • SJR1991

    There’s never just one word. I’d choose creativity, love, caring, friends, connection, music, reading, writing. And maybe you aren’t mean to steam cauliflower for breakfast. Try steaming it the night before and zapping it warm in the morning. Just a thought.

    • Hello SJR1991,
      Your words are full of joy. I agree, one word is hard to do. I have at least seven words that I want to keep.
      Today I ate raw cauliflower and a sardine. I think I need a timer. I start to steam vegetables and then start writing in the next room and forget about the food.
      Have a fun day!