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The burnt pizza and the distracted writer

Tonight I made a pizza, a gluten free pizza that cost me $6.99 at Kimberton Whole Foods. The oven was set to 450 degrees, and the pizza was supposed to cook for ten minutes.


I have my writing desk in the dining room beside the kitchen. Because the pizza had to cook for ten whole minutes, I thought I would sit down for a few minutes and write.

Time stops existing, a moment is like ten years and ten minutes is two hours.

What is that smell?

Sigh, it was my pizza.

I had a bowl of puffed rice cereal and a carrot for supper.

Tomorrow I will buy a timer.

What did you eat for dinner?  Click on the burnt pizza to comment.



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  • Berdeane Bodley

    Now that looks like a good wall ornament!!!

  • Tamara B.

    Wallace (of Wallace & Grommit) would say “Well done, lad! Very well done!”

  • Your photo looks like a chocolate chip cookie with pecans as the chips. Now, I’m hungry. I ate a vegetable plate out. We have a built-in timer in our stove. But sometimes if I go in another room for a minute, I might miss it.

    • Hello Eva,
      Haha, it does look like a chocolate chip cookie! A built in timer is handy, but your right you have to stay close.

  • Elsie

    Nothing is more disappointing than a burnt pizza. I use my oven timer all the time to keep me on track. I went out for dinner last night, we had Asian cuisine. Tonight we dine on leftover pasta pie.

    • Hello Elsie,
      So true. I am not as disappointed when I burn my peas. The oven timer sounds like a good idea if you stay close enough to the kitchen to hear the timer.
      Asian cuisine and pasta pie sounds delicious.

  • EmFairley

    I hate it when that happens! I use the timer on my cell and it has saved many a meal. No need to buy a separate timer. I finished work late and called for takeout, otherwise the same would have happened to me.


    • Hello Em,
      What is your favorite take-out?
      And, a great idea to use my phone as a timer. I use it for other things, it never occurred to use it for cooking.
      Hope you art teaching is going well.


      • EmFairley

        Hi Pamela, I didn’t say this at the time, because it didn’t seem fair to you; my dinner the night this happened was take-out pizza. Oops! Tomorrow night, the last before vacation and a very early start, will be Chinese. It’s both a blessing and a curse to have a Chinese take-out 2 minutes away from me LOL.

        Em xoxo

  • Susan W A

    Darn, the disappointment of taste and texture unrealized.

    A timer is a useful item to have (and use).

    My dear husband had prepared wild rice a few days ago and put it in the fridge. Tonight he added raisins and peas and green onion and walnuts, (something else?) and a light dressing of lime and olive oil. He grilled chicken, let it cool, and placed it on top. Even our 14-year-old son ate it. : )

    • Hello Susan W A,
      Oh my! Your dinner of wild rice with all the fixings and grilled chicken sounds amazing. I will have to try it. It must have been great if your 14 year old son ate it too!.
      Ha, you are so right. A timer is a good thing to not just have, but to use.
      I haven’t burnt anything lately. So there is hope.
      ( Do you ever burn your food?)

    • SJR1991

      oooh, that sounds so good. I will have to try it. Thank you!

  • SJR1991

    i’m so sorry about your pizza — i hope the smell wasn’t too awful. I had for dinner leftover Senegalese chicken stew with peanut butter over rice, from a New York Times recipe: http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017950-chicken-mafe. The time spent is mostly in the prep. You could make it on the weekend and have leftover for during the week, unless you’re already cooking for 6 people.

    • Hello SJR1991,
      Thank you for your kind remarks about my burnt food. I tried to paint the actual pizza but it ended up going moldy.
      Your Senegalese chicken stew sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe. I really need some variety. I have made the same seven dishes for the last twenty-five years.
      What did you have tonight? I ate a can of lentil soup. (not burnt. 😉

      • SJR1991

        i’m still eating the leftover chicken stew and a rest of an avocado that had been sitting in the fridge. What brand of lentil soup did you have? I have to watch my sodium, so canned soups are very problematic.