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A coloring book giveaway to celebrate being best friends with Best Friends Animal Society

Ten percent of all proceeds from the sale of the cat coloring book Color The Cats- Forty Real Cats From Around The World and Their Stories go to animal rescue. The coloring book is made up of forty hand-drawn images of real cats from all over the world.

When the book was published on December 16th, 2015, just in time for Christmas, I said the money was going to animal rescue. And it is. I just had to find a no-kill sanctuary to donate the money to.

Did you know you just can’t say you are donating to a specific organization without their permission?

My first choice was Best Friends Animal Society. They have the largest no-kill sanctuary for animals in the United States, and they partner with organizations all across the States to find homes for animals.

I really wanted us to be best friends with Best Friends. And we are!


10% of the proceeds will go to Best Friends Animal Society!

Last week I signed a legal document giving me permission to say I am donating 10% of all proceeds from the sale of the coloring book to Best Friends Animal Society!

Yippee! Now you can be best friends with them too!

Let me introduce some of the cats

This is Bridgett, she likes to steal socks. 

“My name is Bridgett, and I love to steal socks. Five years ago some children found me in the gutter in the middle of winter in Idaho and took me home. I am so happy to be loved.”


5A_CAT_CreatespaceFINAL_12_13_15 10pm11

This is Latte, she lives in California

“I was the last kitten to be adopted from a litter of free kittens at a church. No one wanted me because I was long and skinny and I had a long tail, not fat and plump like the other cats. I was offered to a kind woman whose cat had just died. Once I walked through her front door, I felt so much at home, I have never left.”


16A_CAT_CreatespaceFINAL_2_22_16 10pm45

And Lyra from Manila, Philippines

“I was rescued from the busy C5 Highway in Manila, Philippines. My mother named me Lyra Belazquia after a character in her favorite book, The Golden Compass. I love to hunt and I am very adventurous. P. S. Will you please tell my mother that I hate my collar?”

LyraPHOTO16A_CAT_CreatespaceFINAL_2_22_16 10pm51

You can order a coloring book at Color The Cats.com for $12.99. 10 % of the proceeds go to Best Friends Animal Society. Or you can enter to win! I will be giving away 10 copies of the coloring book at the end of next week. The drawing will be on March 26th, 2016. 





Would you like to win a coloring book! Click here to comment. Share  a picture of your cat if you have one! Or of a page you colored in the coloring book!

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  • EmFairley

    Love the coloring book, but haven’t got to coloring any of the images yet. I will though, I promise! Thanks for the giveaway, Pamela!


  • Lynoth

    This is my Medusa kitty, she rescued me a little over a year ago at Thanksgiving 2014! She takes very good care of me, and I’d be absolutely lost without her!

    • Dear Lynoth and Medusa,
      I am delighted to meet you! Good job Medusa for rescuing Lynoth in 2014. You are doing a great job.
      p.s. You are very cute