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Would you crawl into the refrigerator to get the best date on your milk?

All of the milk in the front of the refrigerator was dated SELLBYMAR23rd. But way, way, way, in the back was a gallon of milk dated SELLBYMAR30th. Would you crawl into the refrigerator to get the best date on your milk?


Even the milk in the front of the refrigerator has a shelf life of one week. You could buy the milk with the SELL ByMAR23rd Date on the milk container. You would drink all of the milk several days before it expired.

Even if you would eat the food before the expiry date do you still buy the item with the farthest out date?


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p.s. I crawled into the freezer and bought the gallon of milk with the SELL BYMAR30th date.

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  • La McCoy

    Yep. There are probally pictures.

  • EmFairley

    Unless what I’m buying will be used that day, I always reach for the furthest dated item. Much better to have more time to use them.

    Sorry I’m only just commenting now. My week’s vacation flew by and while I have 100 or so emails to trawl through on my first day back at work today, I’m reading yours first! I’ll tell you more about the vacation later

  • I always look for the date on milk. Sometimes, though, I don’t look for it on other items. There are expiration dates on soda, too, which we no longer buy. If you buy outdated soda it can taste like oil – the kind you put in a car – this is because the plastic starts to deteriorate after a certain time. It’s probably from the acid in it.

    • Hello Eva,
      My favorite place to look for expiry dates is on produce at Costco. I love to find cucumbers in a lower box that are one week fresher.
      We don’t buy soda often, once in awhile if we have company over. I can’t imagine how awful old soda would taste.
      Hope you are having a nice day.

  • OkieWriter

    Absolutely!! And . . . if I purchase more than one of the same item, all of the items must have the same expiration date. OCD at its finest!!

    • OkieWriter,
      You are my kind of milk buyer. Yes! They have to be the same date.
      Hope you writing is okie dokie today.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Yes, I always look at the expiry dates before buying, if there is a later date further back I will reach back to get it, sometimes if my arm isn’t long enough, I will crawl into the fridge to get it (just kidding) but ya, I will somehow get it. Food is expensive enough to crawl into the fridge to save a penny!!

    • Hi Mom,
      Having our food last longer is always a good thing.
      We never have to check the dates on chocolate right Mom? It is eaten before the end of the day. Sometimes the chocolate can’t even survive the car ride home.
      And a hug for you mom.

      • Berdeane Bodley

        I think it would have been a good idea to have annihilated the firm that discovered chocolate before you or I ever knew there was such a thing! surely you & I can’t be the only two in this world with the problem?? Ya think?? At least we can laugh about it, well maybe!!! Big hugs Pamela

        • Susan W A

          You two are hilarious! Thanks for sharing these mother-daughter conversations.
          No, you are not alone. : )

        • EmFairley

          You’re definitely not alone!