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I am sorry I burnt the bacon again

I am sorry I burnt the bacon again. I wasn’t paying attention. The pan was too hot and I burnt the bacon. Will you forgive me?


I am sorry.

Wil you forgive me?

I am sorry I burnt the bacon.

Will you forgive me?

“Forgiveness is the final form of love.”
― Reinhold Niebuhr

Making mistakes and asking for forgiveness.

“Yes, I will forgive you,” the bacon eater said.

“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.
— Isaiah 1:18

Is is easier to forgive others than it is to forgive yourself?

Giving grace to others but hating yourself for the mistakes you made. The voices in your head discouraging you. You can’t even make bacon right. You burnt the food again. bacon burner, bacon burner, bacon burner. Such  a simple task and you failed. All you are good for is cleaning litter boxes and washing dishes. I’ll bet you can’t even get that right.

My dear bacon burning friend, we don’t have to be perfect. Wash the pan, scrub off the burnt bacon and try again.

Forgive yourself.

 It is okay. I made a mistake. Well now,  let us washt he pan and make more bacon. I will pay attention this time and not burn the bacon again. It’s okay to make mistakes. I am not a mistake, I am not a mistake. I made a mistake. 


p.s. There are two spelling mistakes in the story. Or typing mistakes, as I know how to spell the words correctly. Did my mistakes jump out at you? Can you forgive me?

Is it easier to forgive others than it is to forgive yourself?

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  • EmFairley

    Burning bacon is near sacrilege, although I do like mine crispy, just not that crispy! I can easily forgive you that mistake and the typos in the post. Mistakes happen. They are a part of life

  • Robert Ranck

    Burning bacon can be forgiven – easily, if it is done in a stainless steel vessel as pictured. However, if it is accomplished in the seasoned iron skillet inherited from Great Grandma, it requires more of the forgiver. All sins are not equal in impact, thought they may be in fact.

    We could go on philosophically and theologically, but the point of your story is clear and we both will dance on the head of it. I find your posts refreshing and enlightening. Your “mistakes” both registered, but reading for the spirit and sense of your creation carried me right on through to the inspiring end. I like what you do here.

    • Hello Robert Ranck,
      Oh my, I once washed my uncles seasoned iron skillet with soap and a scrub brush. Washed the seasoning right out of it. It was burned scrambled eggs that time. Much forgiveness was required.

      Thank you for your kind words about my stories. I am delighted you find them refreshing. And enlightening. Two very nice words.

      And here is a nice word for you. Sunshine. And for good measure on Easter weekend. Another nice word. Joy.


  • Sometimes cleaning up the mistakes is harder work than the mistake itself. I forgive you for the mistakes in your article. And I absolutely love your magnified smile. It gave me one today.

    • Hello Eva,
      Thank you for forgiving me for the mistakes in my article. I really want to fix them, but then it would wreck my object lesson. Sigh.
      Oh how funny. What if we all shared our smiles with a magnifying glass. That would be funny.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    That’s pretty sad looking bacon honey. the only consolation I can deem from that little mistake is ” bacon is not really good for you anyway” way too much fat!!! I am bad at that too, I hate standing there waiting for something to cook, I would rather be doing something else, you are your Mothers daughter!!! Big hugs……..xo

    • Hi Mom,
      Yes, very sad bacon. And, too much fat. But, not as bad as chocolate, right Mom?
      I am my mother’s daughter for cooking but not for cleaning. Dust walks in my door and sets up house. When dust walks in your door, it says, “Oh no! It is Berdeane’s house, run away before she vacuums us up!”
      Hugs to you too Mother.

      • Berdeane Bodley

        You once told me, when I die, you are going to put on my epitaph “here lies the lady who loves to clean” or something to that effect. I guess that would about do it, OR, on both our tombstones, the ladies for whom chocolate was made!! Bigger hugs, Happy Easter!!


    Burnt bacon is a true tragedy. I like how you turned it into a reflection. There is metaphor in everything!

    • Yes, a true tragedy. A much sadder story than when I burn the peas.
      Hugs to you today dear Purple Lady.

  • Very deep even though you use something simple like burning bacon to illustrate your point. Yes, I do have trouble forgiving myself for mistakes. In fact, mistakes that happened 10 years ago still haunt me. But I made a mistake, I am not a mistake. Great message.

    • Hello Mary,
      So nice to see you today.
      Yes, you are not a mistake. You are a treasure and a delight. I don’t understand why we can be nicer to other people than we are to ourselves.
      We can walk away from other people, but no matter where we go — they we are.
      I hope you smile at yourself today. And enjoy the sunshine and the joy of being Mary Hill.