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On pets, death and remembering

Harper, my cat, sat in my lap today when I was writing a review of  two Fleischer animations: Tantalizing Fly, 1919; and Betty Boop’s Kerchoo, 1932, for my animation class, Art 238 Animation 1.


Harper placed her paw on top of my hand and fell asleep. She reminded me of Pooh, Pooh Hodges, the cat I was a typist for on thecatwhowrites.com. On April first, it will be one year since Pooh died.

Pooh used to sit beside me when I wrote and put his paw on my hand. Facebook sends me notifications of photographs from last year. Photographs of  Pooh. A reminder of days when Pooh was still managing the household and protecting us.

Animals are more than pets. They hold our hearts in their paws and when they are gone we don’t forget.


I don’t want to forget.



Have you every loved an animal?

Please share a photograph of a pet you have loved that has died. I would love to know their story.


p.s. Harper is now the writer on Pooh’s old blog. She dictates and I type. thecatwhowrites.com She is writing a manifesto now. A cat manifesto. She dictates and I type.

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  • Pretty sure Harper is writing a … meownifesto.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  • EmFairley

    Treasure the precious memories, my friend.
    Em xoxox

  • Sadie was quite a character. As a youngster, she would chase the plastic lids from 50 gallon pails like they were Frisbees. We would have to trick her in order to retrieve them, then toss them, again. She never caused any problems in the house. And, oh, how she loved grapes. The minute she heard the bag rattle in the fridge, she was right there. Since grapes aren’t good for dogs, we limited her to just a few. I even have a video showing her trying to open the refrigerator door. Sadie was a great hunter – moles, squirrels, raccoons, and even birds, all caught in our fenced in back yard. We knew she was going downhill, but we didn’t realize how close she was to her last days. We went to visit our son over Christmas and had to put Sadie in the kennel. It was a place she was familiar with. Sadly, the kennel owner had to take her to the animal emergency room. We never saw her after that.

    • Hello Shelley,
      Sadie does sound like quite a character. I am sorry for your loss. How sad. You didn’t get to say good-bye.

      • I was sadder for her not to have her family by her side.

        • Me too Shelley,
          I keep thinking about your puppy.

  • Mary James

    In 35 years of marriage my husband and I have raised five dogs and one child (now 30 yrs old with his own dog pack). Rascal, a german shepard mix our son received as an early birthday present in 1996, was taken from us at age 8 by a genetic blood cancer. We still miss you sweet girl.

    • What expressive eyes Rascal has. I am sorry he died.

  • MaryAnne

    My pretty girl, I miss you so much….
    I will always remember you.

    • Oh, she is so pretty. I love her ears.
      I am sorry for your loss.