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What did you eat for breakfast today?


This morning I ate sardines and peas. And, not just any sardines and peas. The sardines are Season brand imported Sardines, skinless and boneless with a new easy open lid. The peas are organic from Watt’s Brothers farms. 24% of one serving of peas has   6 grams of dietary fiber.

What did you eat for breakfast?


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  • Mary James

    7 am Tension tamer herbal tea and an English muffin. Dental procedure at 8:30 I didn’t want to face on an empty stomach.

  • EmFairley

    First day back from vacation today means I’m back to just having coffee for breakfast. No food has passed my lips but I might nibble on some of the mini mountain of Easter chocolate for an energy boost during the day. Chocolate is great any time, but even better when your battling a cold; an unwelcome part of a great week, although I am much better than I was. The creaminess slips down a still tender throat.

  • For the last week, or so, I’ve been working on a lemon cleanse. First thing in the morning, I have my glass of lemon water, real maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. About 1.5 hrs later, I have a small Macintosh apple. Then, I might have a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. I’m trying to cut back on overeating. I make more lemon concoction throughout the day.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Today was my cereal day, I love my cereal day, i don’t have to think, just get my bowl, pour in the cereal & gobble it up…….mmmmm!!! I too love sardines & peas. A hug for you today!!

  • La McCoy

    Edel and i just finished. We had toasted pecan pieces. blueberries. and a slice of peach. Edel actually had most of the pecans and only 2 blueberries. I hope. I better check before I step on them.

  • Goat cheese with butter on toasts, strawberry jam and black coffee. My husband is like you. He eats sardines for breakfast !

    • Hello Annie,
      Sounds delicious. Especially the goat cheese.
      How fun your husband is a sardine for breakfast too!

  • Coffee, a miniature orange and some strawberry yogurt!

  • Lynoth

    I suppose I really should eat before bed (working nights does strange things to one’s conversations…) I have raisin bran so I’ll probably have that!

    • Hello Lynoth,
      Nice to see you! Did you have raisen bran?

      • Lynoth

        🙂 yes, I did! Medusa-kitty wanted some too, but I told her it’s not good for her!

  • Lisa R

    Okay, I’ve heard of kippers for breakfast so I guess sardines aren’t too far fetched. But I have to admit I’ve never thought of sardines and peas for breakfast!

    • Hi Lisa,
      What did you eat this morning? The sardines from Costco taste more like white fish than sardines.

      • Lisa R

        Today I had mashed avocado with a poached egg on toast. The white fish sounds okay.