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How to water a dream like you water a sugar snap pea seed

A few weeks ago I planted sugar snap pea seeds in the front yard. Every day I go outside to see if the seeds have sprouted. The information on the package said we could harvest the peas in sixty-five days. Our dreams need water just like the sugar snap peas do.


Then I realized we won’t be eating any peas in sixty-five days. It hadn’t rained. The peas needed water. The seeds in the ground  won’t grow without water.

Standing beside the garden thinking about sugar snap pea seeds made me realize I treat my dreams like my unwatered garden.

I stuck the peas in the ground and expected them to grow without watering them.

I wrote down a few ideas, dreams, and then left them in a pile on my desk, expecting them to grow, without doing the work to finish them.

We have to water our sugar snap pea seeds, and we have to water our dreams.

How to water a dream

Work on your dream. You can’t stick a seed in the ground and expect it to grow without water. You can’t expect a dream to grow if you don’t work on it.

You won’t finish your story if you never write. You won’t finish your painting if you never paint. You won’t finish your song if you never compose.

Working on your dream, painting your painting, composing your song, writing your story, is like water to a pea seed.

Did you water your dream today?

As always I love to hear from you. Please share what you are working on in the comments. We can encourage each other!


p.s. I am watering my dream tonight, working on illustrations for a book.

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  • EmFairley

    Another great analogy, Pamela. Thank you!


  • Katina Vaselopulos

    A good reminder, Pamela!
    I like your title tool

    I am working everyday on my dream…writing, adding, editing,,,my book.
    All the pain we have been going through gives me the chance to take the book where it needs to go.

    Being old, I should be in a hurry to publish…but I am not. I trust there is a reason that I am where I am and when the time comes, I will know it.

    I am happy you are doing great things.
    God bless you, my friend.



  • Beautiful post, Pamela. Right now I am dealing with my grief. I guess a dream of sorts that wasn’t to be. I think when I process this I will resume working on my dreams.

    • Hello Dear Anne,
      Thinking of you today. And praying for you as you deal with grief. May you feel comforted.

      • Pamela,

        Thank you. I think we always need to be on the lookout of things that deter us from what God may be trying to teach us through our hard times. And the enemy of our souls will always try to get our focus on anything but the Savior’s face. And that’s the only way Peter could stay on the water instead of beneath it. Yes, keep praying for comfort.

    • Katina Vaselopulos

      Anne mou, Thinking of you and the family. Sending love and prayers.

      Healing will come when the grief has gone through all its stages.
      Go with the flow, even when painful.

      Love and hugs


      • Katina,

        As I told another friend of mine. It isn’t just this grief. When you go through grief all the other losses parade in front of you to remind you of past pain. Pain that only subsides, but never erases. (Okay, that’s the first time I ever wrote that.)

        I spoke about embracing pain at my speaking engagement. Doing it is much, much harder.

        • Anne, I have found that to be true about all the other losses come parading through. Praying God will bring you comfort.

          • Eva,
            Thanks for the prayers. I certainly could use them.

    • Susan W A

      Know that your dreams are loyal to you and are floating around and about you, ready to jump right back in when it’s their turn to be focused on.

      • My dreams, or God’s dreams? He can take the dreams we thought were ours and show us what he had in mind all the time. The God of all time, not just the God of this hard moment.

    • Susan W A

      This is a piece I wrote last year.


      Shock. Disbelief. How could this happen? Why did this happen? Hand to chest, as if to protect the heart, no match for the pain which slithers past the fingers and penetrates the chest. Heat and aching fill the cavity where love and tenderness should reside. “You need to let go.” How can I? The rupture of life. I walk in a daze. How can people be living a normal life. Don’t they feel the pain? My friends say they understand; that helps. It’s still lonely. I alone walk this path, knowing the heartache fills my cells, testing me to grow beyond, to transform this into the lessons of life which bring wisdom from experience. I treasure that woman who I will become. For now, I ache.
      [swa 2015]

      • Thanks Susan. Yes, that describes some of the pain. It was beautiful because not only did it describe it, it went past to the purpose of it, something that is difficult to see when you’re in it.

        A friend of mine just sent me a little children’s account of Joseph which also reminded me about God’s sovereignty. We get in trouble when we think for one second that something slipped past him. Job reminds us that not one plan of God’s can be thwarted. Not one.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Today is April Fools day & there are lots of people out there watering there dreams, our newspaper is full of all sorts of April fool stories, wonder how many are getting fooled??

    • Hey Mom,
      Did anyone try and trick you today?
      No one did here. I hate to be tricked.

      • Berdeane Bodley

        No Pamela, nobody tricked me today or even tried for that matter. Maybe it is getting old hat!! xo, Mother

  • Susan W A

    I love this post, Pamela.

    “Standing beside the garden thinking about sugar snap pea seeds made me realize I treat my dreams like my unwatered garden. I stuck the peas in the ground and expected them to grow without watering them.” I felt a bit of a jolt when I read that second sentence. Your message came through clearly.

    Last week I did some of the soil preparation for my dreams. I made good progress towards tying up some loose ends in the organization of our finances. Yippee.

    • Hi Susan,
      Great job preparing the soil for your dreams. Getting the work done.
      I hope you have a nice weekend.

  • bjdonaldson

    This is a great analogy. We all need to water our dreams!

    • Thank you!
      It rained today. I had help with my garden!