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When your life is like a radish seed that was planted too close together

The radish seeds that we planted two weeks ago have sprouted. The seeds were planted too close together. If the seedlings aren’t thinned out the radishes won’t have any room to grow. When your life is like a radish seed that was planted too close together.


Each radish seed has the potential to grow into a radish. Each seed needs room for the radish to grow.

When I looked into the planter the radish seedlings looked like my life. Each seedling was a project I am working on.

The seedlings need to be thinned out so they are about an inch apart.

stencil.default (2)

How many projects can we work on at a time? One?

Do you need to thin out your seedlings? So each radish seed has room to grow? So each project can become a radish? 

As always I love to hear from you. Does your life look like the radish seedlings that were planted too close together?

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  • Pamela,

    While Olivia was still alive the weight of not knowing if and when she would leave us was enormous. I threw myself into writing. Consequently, I have books that were never launched. And now? I’m still writing, but giving myself room to breathe, room to grieve. I’m trying to listen to what I’m to do next and I’m not beating myself up for the frenzy I sometimes felt. Not just for the 14 months she was here, but for the months when we knew she had the Trisomy 18.

    I”m so glad that God can take our shortcomings and still work them into something beautiful. Trusting him to do this.

  • There are definitely too many seedlings growing here. The tough part is knowing which seedlings go, and which ones stay.

    • Oh Shelley,
      When you find the answer of which seedlings have to go and which ones get to stay, please let me know.
      You, in your wisdom, have discovered the big problem. Which stay, which go?

    • That’s my problem, too. I don’t want to give up anything. But I do by default.

  • La McCoy

    I always plant seeds too close together.

    • Hi La,
      Do you have to thin them out after they germinate?

      • La McCoy

        I dont always.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    This is my radish seed for the week, made an apt. to have my winter tires taken off, have to have my car there by 7:30 a.m. to be dropped off, dropped off!!! How do I get home?? Sheesh, big problem here…………. hugs from Mom

    • Hi Mom,
      Did you find a way home? Or is there a coffee shop close where you can sit until they are finished?

      • Berdeane Bodley

        They made me sooooooooo “bangry” I made an apt. at a diffeent auto shop, that’ll teach em!!! xo & a hug from Mom

  • EmFairley

    After our blissful week on vacation, this week is looking a lot like radish seeds that have been planted too close LOL! Not only have I got to get moving on everything I was already working on, but I now have countless articles to be written about the trip. And 5 days after getting back I admit I’ve still not transferred the pix from my camera to pc. Yikes LOL

    • Hello Em,
      Sounds like you have a mess of radish seeds! I am excited to read about your trip and see some of your photographs. Was it all you imaged after years away from seeing the place again?

      • EmFairley

        It was absolutely beautiful, thanks Pamela! Now I’m on my cell I can start to show you some. Grin. Photo is of the beach at Charlestown, Cornwall