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Live boldly, laugh and make art

To live as an open beamed ceiling

The ceiling in the office building was open; the beams were exposed, the wiring was visible. The ceiling was honest, it wasn’t hiding behind drywall and plaster. As if the ceiling was saying, “Here I am. This is me.” The ceiling was willing to be vulnerable. We start life as an open beamed ceiling, and […]

Leave room in your day for joy and flowers

This year I wasn’t going to plant flowers in the flower beds in the front yard. This growing season I was only going to work on my writing and painting. There was no time in my day to plant flower seeds.   I forgot about flowers until I went to the hardware store to buy […]

Blowing birthday kisses to my mom

Today is my mother’s birthday. I woke up with the sun, hoping to see the shadow of the moon from last night. “Moon, will you take my birthday kisses to my mom?” It is raining. I can’t see the moon. The moon can’t see me. Maybe a rain cloud can deliver my kisses? My mom […]