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Blowing birthday kisses to my mom

Today is my mother’s birthday. I woke up with the sun, hoping to see the shadow of the moon from last night. “Moon, will you take my birthday kisses to my mom?”

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It is raining.

I can’t see the moon. The moon can’t see me. Maybe a rain cloud can deliver my kisses?

My mom lives 2,045.8 miles from me. It would take thirty-two hours and forty minutes to drive to her home.

And if I could, I would be there to sing to her.

All those childhood days of living under the same roof are distant and fondly remembered. Even the days when I was grounded and wasn’t allowed to go the dance. I remember being angry. Now I just see love.

The stockings on Christmas Eve when Santa was in the kitchen and the stockings were empty.

Teaching me how to bake bread.

Showing me unconditional love.

Writing me letters when I moved away.

And loving me always.

I love you, mom.


p.s. My mother’s name is Berdeane.


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  • Berdeane Bodley

    Thank you Pamela for the birthday wishes & to all those of you who wished me a happy birthday too. Pamela I remember the night your stockings were empty & Santa was in the kitchen. Santa had a rule, if you saw him all the presents would disappear. You & your brother scurried back to bed, Santa was able to finish filling your stockings & all was well. I to remember all those memories & many more, it is hard being so far away for both of us……..I love you………..Mom

  • Talia

    Happy Birthday Berdeane! What beautiful sentiments Pamela.

  • La McCoy

    Happy Birthday Berdeane!

  • A very happy birthday to you mom!!

  • Hello felicia_d
    Happy Birthday to your mommy! I hope she has a wonderful day.
    Thank you for your birthday wishes to my mom.

  • EmFairley

    Beautiful words, as ever, from a beautiful woman for, I’m sure, her equally beautiful Mama. Happy birthday Berdeane. I hope and pray you both enjoy your day.

    Me xoxox

    • Good Morning Em,
      Thank you for your kind words for my mom.

      • EmFairley

        Good morning. No need to thank me 🙂