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Leave room in your day for joy and flowers

This year I wasn’t going to plant flowers in the flower beds in the front yard. This growing season I was only going to work on my writing and painting. There was no time in my day to plant flower seeds.

stencil (2)


I forgot about flowers until I went to the hardware store to buy a paint roller. The hardware store had a sale on flower seeds. I bought three packages of Zinnia seeds with the paint roller.

I forgot to leave room in my day for flowers.

For joy and flowers.

Each day is a gift.

A present I forgot to open.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”
― Rumi

The kitchen counter is covered with dirty dishes, the chicken bones from last nights wings still on them. The frying pan is in the sink, bacon grease burned on the bottom of the pan. The dog still needs to be walked and I haven’t cleaned the seven litter boxes yet.



I planted flower seeds.

A little bit of joy.

Did you plant flower seeds this year? Do you leave room in your day for joy and flowers?


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  • La McCoy

    I love flowers

  • Myowncalcuttablog.com

    My garden is huge and my housework is piling up.
    Need time to fit writing in so housework falls behind gardening every time:)
    And, by the way, zinnias rock!

    • Hi Myowncalcuttablog.com
      So nice to meet you.
      Good to hear writing is first then housework and gardening.
      Yes, Zinnia’s rock. They are my favorite.

  • Robert Ranck

    You must have heard this from MY Mother. ….. She always said that
    if you planted vegetables as food for the body, you should also plant
    some flowers as food for the soul. (She’s been gone nearly half a
    century now).

    Still, those lessons were well preserved – I’m looking out now on my
    wife’s own garden-beds and the cilantro is allowed to bolt because the
    delicate, lacy white blossoms are so lovely (and keeps us from noticing
    the few renegade weeds).

    And (descendants of) my great-grandmother’s peonies still bloom in the front yard.

    • Hello Robert,
      I am sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. Your mother’s wisdom lives on in your garden. The peonies in your front yard must bring a lot of joy, color and family history at the same time.
      Wishing you much joy today.

    • Susan W A

      lovely lovely lovely

      Thanks so much for sharing this rejuvenating image and message.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    My geranium is on the deck, I will send you a snap…………hugs from mommy

    • Hi Mom,
      I look forward to seeing your flowers.
      Pamela Jane

  • Susan W A

    What a smart use of your time, Pamela. Let’s say it took you half an hour to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water the seeds and clean up. Now imagine the many many moments gathered into hours and days that you will be enjoying the results … from the moment the tiny green appears in the soil to the bright sunny colors of the zinnia flowers. It’s a great investment because the joy you feel will enhance your creativity for your writing and painting.
    I am extremely fortunate to have a husband who loves to garden. (Remarkably, I didn’t know how to gather seeds from flowers until I’m met him!) We have a pretty small yard, but he always manages to find one more square inch to plant in. Many years ago when he was a new international student studying English, his English teacher played the Neil Diamond song, “You don’t bring me flowers any more” for listening practice. My husband and I jokingly and lovingly sing that song to each other. My husband brings me flowers every day … all I have to do is look out any window of our house or walk from my car to the front door. I am thankful every day for my husband’s creation.
    Once again, Pamela, you have put forth a delightful observation and reflection that makes me think of many more things I’d like to write about. Thanks. Big zinnia hugs.

    • Good Morning Susan,
      Your garden sounds beautiful, made with love by your husband. Please share a photograph of your garden, or some of your flowers.
      A Zinnia hug to you today.

      • Susan W A

        Hello, Pamela,

        I didn’t forget about your request. I’ve been doing other things since my last visit with you, including gardening with my husband (and decluttering, which I’ll let Harper know about). : )

        Huh… I was going to upload a couple pictures, but for some reason the ones I took of the garden are too large to upload (although not all of my pictures are that size). I’m sending instead the power to imagine lush green foliage of varied structures and hues, punctuated by bursts of pink, purple, orange, yellow, magenta, white, salmon blooms. We also have a sweet lemon tree which provides a happy canopy of round yellow fruit and fragrant white blossoms, grown by us from the seed of the fruit. If you’ve never heard of sweet lemon, it is something Iranians eat. The fruit is more round than a Meyer lemon. Rather than eat the entire slice of the fruit, we kind of chew on the flesh and suck in the lightly sweet, refreshing juice. Eating sweet lemons also helps relieve some symptoms when you have a cold.

        Wishing you a zippity doo dah zinnia kind of day!
        – Susan

  • Berdeane Bodley

    That should have read, “if” plants dry out to quickly……………oops!!!

  • Berdeane Bodley

    I also bought 2 water balls for my geranium, you fill the balls with water. insert them in the geranium, plants in pots dry out so quickly, these balls help to water the plant if you forget to. They work like magic……….happy gardening………… Hugs , Mommy

    • Hi mom,
      What a fun way to water your plants. Are they on the deck or in the house?
      Hugs to you Mommy,

  • EmFairley

    Living in an apartment, I don’t have any outside space of my own. It’s one of the reasons I love the beach so much. There’s so much joy and peace there, even amid the noise of families enjoying the sandy space. I also love to sit in my grandmother’s yard and gaze upon her 55 year old roses that still come into bloom each year

    • Susan W A

      Wow … 55-year-old roses! We have some roses in our yard that are more than 20 years old. When we moved to southern California from the Central Valley, we brought rose cuttings from our lovely garden. Those roses are still among the lovliest.

      • EmFairley

        Yep, 55 years old. They planted them when they moved in 🙂

    • Hello Em,
      Your grandmother’s roses must be beautiful. Please share a photograph the next time you visit her.
      Maybe if we need to have flowers in our heart when we don’t have any in our yard.
      Hugs to you Em,

      • EmFairley

        Here’s one from last weekend.
        Em xoxo

  • Berdeane Bodley

    I live in a Codo, therefore only have a deck, this year I bought a “fushia’ geranium, also bought one for my friend on the 2nd floor. I buy one every year, brightens up my world. I love you Pamela.

    • Hi Mommy,
      I love you too.
      Now I want a fushia geranium. Hugs to you today mother of mine.
      Pamela, your kid

  • Melody Potter

    Hi again, Pamela. Just an idea. If you will put all your small email articles together for an inspirational book, I would buy it. You know something 30-40 pages or so. Your ideas are meaningful and uplifting. If you have already done this, tell me where I can buy it. m

    • Melody,
      I will make a little book. And when it is finished I will mail you the first proof copy. Thank you for encouraging me to write.

    • Susan W A

      Brilliant idea. I agree whole-heartedly. … YES …. meaningful and uplifting … two very good descriptors.

  • Melody Potter

    This is lovely, Pamela. It brightened up my morning. Flowers make me happy, too. I have a peace rose right outside my glass door and I watch for the blooms. I have lantana out there too. It blooms all spring, summer, and fall. Then there are the bird feeders by the flowers. I forget to be thankful for them all. Thank you for reminding me.

    • Good Morning Melody,
      I am thankful my story brightened your morning. Writing helps me find joy. It gives me time to think.
      Thank you for sharing your peace rose, your lantana and your bird feeders. You have reminded me to be thankful too.
      All my best,

  • Lynoth

    I am so glad you made room in your day for flowers. My friend dug out a corner bit of lawn and put in some irises and lilies for me, and I smile more because they’re there.

    • Good Morning Lynoth,
      Your irises and lilies sound wonderful. Your friend was kind to plant them for you.
      Planting smiles.
      Hugs to you.