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Take a can of wasp spray to your negative thinking

Wasps were building a nest in the lamp between the two garage doors. They built the nest behind the light bulb. The wasps would keep making the nest bigger if we didn’t take it down. The wasp nest is like negative thinking. Negative thinking is like the wasp nest. You don’t want it, it won’t […]

Did you forget you are going to die one day?

Today I read Section B, page 4 in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Funeral Announcements. I knew what the page was before I read the headline. Photographs centered over one column width, bold names flush left.  Dead people: Robert, adored grandfather of ten, Miriam, beloved wife of the late Alfred, James, beloved husband of Beverly. I forgot that I’m going to […]

It doesn’t matter how fast you ride your bike down a hill —

My friend and I were at the top of a steep hill on our bikes. She went first. She went down the hill with her hands raised high over her head; she didn’t touch her handlebars or her brakes. I wanted to ride my bike down the hill with my hands over my head like […]