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Take a can of wasp spray to your negative thinking

Wasps were building a nest in the lamp between the two garage doors. They built the nest behind the light bulb. The wasps would keep making the nest bigger if we didn’t take it down. The wasp nest is like negative thinking.

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Negative thinking is like the wasp nest. You don’t want it, it won’t go away, and it will keep getting bigger if you don’t deal with the problem.

Negative thinking is not always obvious. It hides behind light bulbs.

You can’t ask the wasps to leave. “Hey wasps, will you please leave?” You can’t hope they leave. You have to take action.

You have to kill the wasps. You have to kill your negative thinking. Yes, that’s right. Kill it. Dead. As in, be ruthless and brutal.

Do you seriously want to waste your one life being stuck in negative thinking? I don’t. But, I have. I have wasted hours, days, weeks, months, years, being worried what other people think.

How to kill negative thinking

  1. Have a plan.

I met a helicopter pilot at the Atsugi Naval base at Atsugi Japan in 1990. He told me he had been trained to know exactly what to do if something on the helicopter broke. The pilot didn’t have to think about what to do when something broke on the helicopter in the middle of a flight,  he automatically went into his life-saving routine.

We need a plan so we instantly recognize negative thinking, and kill it immediately with wasp spray, before the negative thinking gets so big, it is harder to kill. We need to think like a helicopter pilot with a broken rotor in the middle of a flight.

This is life or death.

Will we live our life, or be overcome by negative thinking and not live creative brave lives?

A small wasp nest is easier to get rid of than a big wasp nest.

When the negative thinking starts. When you first hear the little whisper, Get out your can of wasp spray immediately.

The plan.

1. Yell. Yell NO! to the voice in your head. NO, YOU ARE LYING TO ME. I CAN DO THIS! I WILL DO THIS! I AM DOING IT.
2. Then DO THE WORK. If it drawing, draw. If it is writing, write. Even if it is one paragraph. One sentence. Sing your song, Learn the new computer program. Sign up for the class you want to take.
3. Keep a journal. Write in your journal every day. Write down “I am” statements, that encourage you. I am brave. I am strong.
I am an artist. I can finish what I start. I can learn something new. I am not too old. I can start a new habit. I can. I will. I am.

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Take a can of wasp spray to your negative thinking.

You have to wipe out negative thinking. Yell at the negative thoughts like I yelled at the dog that charged me and Annie, my dog, when we went for a walk this morning. NO, NO, BACK-OFF. The dog ran back into their yard.

Mean business. Think of negative thinking as a dog running at you about to attack you and your dog. Negative thinking is sometimes quiet, it comes at you as a whisper. The small still voice of doubt.

Stop the negative thinking, stop the negative soundtrack in your head. Maybe the negative voice sounds like your teacher, a classmate, a family member, a friend. Maybe the voice sounds like your voice.

You might hear the voice every time you draw, write, sing, dance, try a new recipe, or dye your hair blue. You might hear the voice when you start a project, or when you are finishing a project. You might hear a negative voice when you are learning something new, or when you made a mistake or missed a deadline.

Who do you think you are? You will never learn. You are so stupid. You can’t draw. You can’t write. You can’t sing. Why are you going back to school? You are too old. 

“Permitting negative beliefs to seek shelter in your mind is like dining day in and out with your worst enemies.”
Edmond Mbiaka

How to apply wasp spray to negative thinking

Replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

YELL out loud. Try it. Yell, “I am not stupid. I am brilliant. Just because I haven’t learned how to swim yet doesn’t mean I can’t! I am not too old. Now, back off!”

Let’s answer the questions.
Who do think you are?
I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am amazing.

You will never learn.
I will learn. I have a great brain. I am smart and I will learn. I won’t quit.

You are so stupid.
I am smart. You can’t tell me who I am. Shut-up. Back off.

You can’t draw.
I can draw. I am learning how to see. Who are you to tell me what I can’t do? I can draw, and I am.

You can’t write.
I can write. I am writing. I am a writer.

You can’t sing.
I can sing. I sing with joy and passion.

Why are you going back to school? You are too old.
I am the right age for me. There is no age limit on learning. Now, back off. Mind your own business.

Start today

Today is whatever day you are reading this story. Please don’t wait until the first of the month to start believing in yourself and trying something new. Please don’t quit trying to walk every day. Did you forget to walk yesterday? Today did you say, “I can’t even walk every day. So I will just quit trying. I am a failure.”

Grab your can of wasp spray, and get rid of the negative thinking.

Be kind to yourself.

Replace the negative thinking with kind thoughts. “Hey, you missed a day. It’s okay. Let’s walk today.”

Hope you are well. Dine with friends,  don’t dine with your enemies.



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  • La McCoy

    Hummm. I do not do well with wasp spray.
    I better think of something else to spary on my negative thoughts.
    Maybe Vinegar. I spray everything with vinegar.
    Why not my thougths?
    I have the cutest little pink vinegar spray bottle.
    Now I will go and spray my thoughts with it.