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Be like Vincent Van Gogh and don’t listen to the critics

The book Lust For Life, a biographical novel about Vincent Van Gogh, is 488 pages. I am on page 312. Vincent has just moved to Paris and is living with his brother Theo. On page 312 he is looking at a painting by Georges Seurat, in Seurat’s studio. Van Gogh hasn’t cut off his ear yet, or shot […]

A bin of broken concrete, past hurts and living with joy today

This morning when I walked Annie I saw a construction garbage bin full of concrete from the sidewalks the township is repairing. The bin was full.  It would never be moved; it was too heavy. Each pice of concrete is a past hurt, a deep sorrow, a memory of words that wounded you. We have […]

Broken concrete — X marks the spot

There are cracks in the sidewalk in my neighborhood. Last week, a white X was sprayed on each crack.  Every crack will be repaired.   X marks the spot. My body is covered in white X marks. Some of the X’s I sprayed myself, and some of the X’s were sprayed by other people. Mistakes. […]