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Dog diarrhea, speed and comparing

Martha had diarrhea on the carpet in the living room. We didn’t know she wasn’t feeling well. She didn’t bark to be let out. We found the mess in the morning. Life is what happens when you are working on something else.

Ripping out the carpet and putting in a new floor was not on my list this month. Laundry and washing the dishes is on my list, (on the bottom.)  Feeding my children was close to the top of the list, then walking the dogs and cleaning the seven litter boxes. My main focus this month it to finish the book my cat, Pooh Hodges, wrote, and I illustrated, How To Be A Cat. The book comes out on Amazon at the beginning of October. October 4th, to be exact.



Sometimes I feel like I am going so slow. Not just slow, but so slow. 

Do you ever feel like you are going so slow? Not slow, but so slow?

There will always be something to keep us from working on the items on our list. Maybe your dog will get diarrhea. Maybe you will decide that this is the best time to repaint your living room, rip up the carpet, and put in a new floor. Or maybe you will run into a metal parking structure for shopping carts and have to take your car in to get fixed.

Speed is not important

Confucious was very wise.  He lived over two thousand years ago, when there were no televisions or social media or constant news reports about how successful and fast everyone else is. He didn’t have facebook where there are ten million advertisements telling us how many millions of dollars someone made on their on-line course in one year.

Maybe in the year 551 B.C. when Confucious was born, people were upset that someone had more rice than they did. Maybe people have always compared themselves to other people.

Or how about this one,

Speed is relative

You are fast or slow only in comparion to something on someone else. There will always be someone slower or faster than you. Go at the pace that is best for you. It might take you twenty years to write a book, or it might take you one year. It took Margaret Mitchell eighteen years to write Gone With The Wind. 

It might take you ten years to lose the ten pounds you gained by eating whipped cream and strawberries every night for the last six years in Pennsylvania. 

The cookbook you are writing might take you longer because you have children in diapers.


Love large. Walk your dogs, clean your litter boxes, and walk at your own pace.

What are you working on now? Do you ever feel like you are going to0 slow?

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p.s. Martha is feeling better
p.s.s Would you like to read the book before it is published? I need help coming up with ideas for free giveaways for pre-orders of the book. email me or reply to this email. [email protected] — and I will email you the pdf of the book.


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  • La McCoy

    How is Martha. Edel asks every day.

  • bradblackman

    Poor dog! Our dog will leave us throw-up to discover long after it’s gone cold. Like, right where I put my feet when I get out of the bed. And it’s usually because one of the kids gave her way too much food and she gobbled it all down too fast. Or they fed her pizza or something.

    • Hey Brad,
      What is your dog’s name? Has she eaten any pizza lately and left you a present to step in?

      • bradblackman

        Her name is Mitzi. She’s a Dalmatian mix. Lots of Jack Russel Terrier in her. No presents since Christmas, when she threw up in the middle of the den floor, and that stain has yet to come out of the carpet. We are going with faux wood floors next time!

  • Marisa

    Hi there Pamela! I just signed up for your emails after chatting with you a little at Tribe Writers. I really enjoy your sense of humour and warmth.

    It seems the first post of yours that I’ve read has matched my life with perfect timing. Yesterday morning I had a little cry session after seeing so many people that I know moving ahead and making progress in their work and lives, and feeling like I’m just thinking and dreaming and poking around without actually getting somewhere. I move slow, for a variety of reasons, and sometimes it hurts when I feel like I can’t keep up or when I miss one of life’s trains that won’t come round again, at least not this lifetime. It’s just comforting and reassuring to hear someone else talking about it. Especially someone who’s about to publish her book! I guess feeling like everything’s going *so slow* isn’t necessarily an impediment to doing wonderful things.

    Are you looking for readers to review your book and suggest ideas for giveaways? I wasn’t quite sure what you meant by that bit… as I assume it’s too late for making changes to it anyway…?

    • Hi Marisa,
      I am sorry I missed your message. How have you been? I hope you are feeling good about your progress.
      Thinking and dreaming is a good place to be. Then you know you working on what you want to work on.
      I would love to have you review the book if you would like to read it.

  • jesspetersonart

    I love this post Pamela! Tweeting it now. Yes, as an artist I feel so slow pretty often. (I totally felt that way when I was working on my clay sculpture.) I’m probably doing fine, it’s just that I compare myself with others who are older and more experienced, and work differently than me. It’s not fair to myself to compare–when I do that, I’m never ‘good enough.’
    Besides artistically, I’ve felt ‘behind’ so many times in my life. I don’t want to think: “They are ahead of me” I want to think: “I am on a different track. We are all on different tracks, going at our own pace,” just as you said.
    By the way, I hope Martha is ok!
    -And congrats on the new book!

    • Susan W A

      on a different track … I like that!
      or, thinking of the Olympics track and field, perhaps we’re in a different lane on the same track. : ) Maybe it was a staggered start and it just looks like we’re way behind when in reality we have the same chance of crossing the finish line with our own personal best!

      • jesspetersonart

        I like that too–we’re all on a track but running different lanes. Everyone’s journey is unique.

    • Hi jesspetersonart,
      I love your name. 🙂 So happy to hear from you. Yes, comparing can really make us feel little. Well, me at least. You are you, and you are amazing. You are where you are, and that is a good place to be. We can’t be yesterday, or tomorrow yet.
      You are on a different track. Your track.
      And is we all painted the same, why bother having galleries?
      You are better than good enough. You are amazing.
      Keep being you.
      Just be more you.
      What ever that looks like. Be bold, leap, and embrace the talents God gave you.

      • jesspetersonart

        thank you Pamela! and so are you.
        Yes, if we all painted the same that would be so boring. Every artist is different. I always found it interesting in my art classes to look around at what each student painted or drew–and it was from the same model or still life. Each person has a different interpretation and their own way of stroking the canvas.

  • Sue Lankers

    Hello Pamela. I have just returned from a month in Ethiopia where time has a unique quality. Ethiopians follow the Gregorian calendar and not our Julian one. Yesterday was New Year and the country was full of beautiful wild yellow Meskel flowers and folk in traditional dress. Today is the first day of their new year. It is 2009.
    I have an opportunity to re-live the past seven years.
    They have their own clock too. The day begins at zero hour; six am. If you have an appointment at 2 it is at our 8am. Having such a short clock makes the day seem manageable and not too full of hours.
    The people believe if you are too busy to be kind and civil to other people, well, you are unkind and uncivil. They treat one another respectfully.
    At present there is valid civil unrest and the government shuts down all internet and mobile connections to prevent social media-run gatherings from happening; sometimes for two weeks at a time.
    It was difficult to work but it was also easy because everyone was in the same predicament.
    Nothing really changed in their lives because their lives are centred on relationships and they carried on.
    It was a blessing.
    Hope Martha feels de-toxed and wonderful today.

    • Susan W A

      really interesting information, Sue! Thanks for including it; I had never heard of that time system before.

    • Hello Sue,
      Your trip to Ethiopia sounds amazing. Sort of like time travel. Do you feel weird to be back in 2016? Thank you for taking the time to tell me about what your life was like over there.
      Living a life focused on relationships sounds so different than the life I live now. But, now I have a vision of a new way to think.
      I would love to live somewhere the world focuses on relationships.
      Martha says hello.
      She is doing much better.

  • EmFairley

    So happy to hear that Martha is better, Pamela. Your timing is great, because I’ve today had my initial physical therapy appointment for a longstanding bicep injury. While I had hoped to get back into the pool to aid rehab, my therapist has told me not to, yet. She said that day will come, but there needs to be some ultrasound therapy first. I will get there, and lose the untold pounds gained since the injury.

    I’d love to read and review your book for you. I’m at the same ideas stage for my own launch giveaway. One idea I’ve had after someone asked for a signed copy of the print book, followed soon after by someone asking if I could in some way sign their digital copy, is to print the print cover, fold it where the spine is and sign the inside.

    Em xoxox

    • Hi Em,
      Sorry to hear about your bicep injury. I hope you feel better soon. Once day at a time. Getting stronger each day. It is hard waiting to heal. Or waiting for anything really.

      Thank you for being willing to read and review the book. Printing the print cover and signing it for a digital copy is a nice idea. I don’t know if I would have time for that, unless I hire someone to clean the seven litter boxes.

      • EmFairley

        Thank you. The waiting is hard. Patience isn’t one of my strong points. Grin.