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The start of something new with a daily calendar

Today is the first day of the year, the start of something new. A new year. A new day. Planning the year with monthly, weekly and daily calendars.

Making lists.

Lists of projects to start. Lists of projects to finish. Letters to write. Postcards to design. Books to illustrate. Dogs to walk. Litter boxes to clean.

But, nothing gets finished in the future. Nothing gets started tomorrow.

Tomorrow is today.

And each day has twenty-four hours.

The only projects that get started or finished are the ones I do today.

Make each day count.

Make each moment count.

The calendar in the photograph is by At-A-Glance. Each day is listed in 24 slots. There is time to sleep, eat, work and play.

Do you use daily calendars? Weekly? Monthly?

May your today be filled with sunshine and joy. Wishing you much love as we start a new year.


Now that I have taken the photograph I can fill in my calendar of what I will do today. Making each day count. Now, what should I do first? The litter boxes or write? Click here to comment


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My name is Pamela Hodges. I am a writer and an artist. I write to encourage and to bring laughter. I paint cats, draw cartoons and write books for children and grown ups.

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  • La McCoy

    The list sounds very good.

  • Rita Jacques

    What to do first? Write, of course!
    Happy new year!!

  • EmFairley

    Happy New Year Pamela and everyone. My only work goal right now is to finish the seemingly never ending first draft of my story by the end of February. Then have all edits and formatting done for a launch at the end of the year. On a personal level I aim to get back in shape after two long years of rehabbing a serious bicep injury, while blogging about that journey too.

    Hugs and all the best,
    Em xoxox

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Happy New Year all, today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday and all is well. Only good things for 2o17……… love you!!

  • Susan W A

    What better way to start the new year than to correspond with Pamela Hodges! Happy New Year!

    Nearly every day, my husband asks, “What’s the plan?” He uses that question to ask about dinner, the plans for the day, or how we’re going to address our long-term goals. Me? Planning is not my middle name. I take a more freeform approach, which is not always helpful and definitely has its drawbacks. Nevertheless, I have had some great successes along the way through planning, and I have to acknowledge that each person has her own strengths.

    I had the good fortune of being an international student advisor at a university for six years early on in my career. One of my responsibilities was to co-coordinate the new student orientation with another amazing, creative woman. She made an interesting observation one day when she commented something to the effect, “We make a great team. I have a lot of ideas of how to approach this and make it meaningful, and you have the skills and knowledge to put everything together and make it happen!” Karen taught me a lot of things; that day I felt that my contributions were of value and had equal standing to what I perceived was the “better” half of the team. What good is a plan if it isn’t implemented (which, of course, takes planning in itself).

    My plan for now? “Make each day count. Make each moment count.”

    With a grateful heart,

  • Happy New Year felicia_d,
    I hope you had a wonderful first two days of the New Year.
    All my best,

  • LilianGardner

    What a delightful post, Pamela. Thank you so much.
    Yes, every day counts and every minute, too, but I’m a time-waster, and detest myself for this, and yet I make an excuse by saying to my conscience, ‘Come, woman, indulge in something you enjoy doing. Life is too short.’
    I clean the litter box, (only one) before i write or make coffee, and I feel you do, too.

    Much love and a Happy New Year.
    P.S. From Minnie and Din Din, too.

    • Hello Lilian, Minnie and Din Din,
      Your cats are so fortunate that you clean the litter box and then write or make coffee. A happy cat is a cat with a clean litter box.
      Today I cleaned all seven litter boxes and then wrote.
      Much love to you too Lilian, and a Happy New Year.

  • Melody Potter

    Happy New Year, Pamela. I, too, have some plans for 2017. XOXOXO

    • Hello Melody Potter,
      Happy New Year!
      Plans in the New Year.
      May all your dreams come true.