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What would your life be like if you started doing all the things you are afraid to do?

On page 301 of James Altucher’s book Reinvent Yourself, in the section, The 20 things I learned from Larry Paige, James asks the question, “I wonder what my life would be like if I started doing all the things I’m afraid to do.”


The sentence, “I wonder what my life would be like if I started doing all the things I’m afraid to do.” Was the last thing I read before I went to bed last night. And it was the first thought on my mind when I woke up this morning at two, at four and again at five AM when I finally got out of bed.

What are you afraid to do?

Yesterday I wrote about having anxiety when you go to the gym. Anxiety when you go to the gym sucks. 

Now it is 6:05 AM.

And I am going to the gym.

After I walk the dog.


What are you afraid to do?

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  • La McCoy

    Very good question!

  • LilianGardner

    Hello, Pamela.
    I’m dead scared of falling in deep water. People say I’ll float if I lie on my back. Easier said that done. I just know I’ll go down like a brick. No, I don’t know how to swim. Wish I did!
    How is Harper and the rest of the gang? For how many hours does Harper type?
    Minnie and Din-Din are fine and send hugs to every one.
    Cheers! My friend,

  • EmFairley

    As I’ve just alluded to on yesterday’s article, not being here for my grandbaby and indeed rest of the family scares me. But it also motivates me too.
    Hugs xoxox

  • Lorraine Norwood

    Interesting that you chose the airplane wing — I have a fear of flying but had to deal with it (notice I didn’t say overcome it) if I wanted to go to my favorite place in the UK. Being afraid sucks, but NOT doing things sucks more! Thanks for the post.