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Who are you as an artist? Create a self-portrait.

Who are you? Who are you as an artist? Please don’t ask me how I see you, because what I think doesn’t matter. I have an opinion, but my opinion is clouded by where I went to school, where I grew up, and what I like to eat for breakfast. If you ask someone else […]

Why artist’s need to believe in themselves

Last week I saw on a friend’s  facebook post that the Freyberger Gallery at Penn State Berks was taking art submissions for a gallery exhibit. They took submissions that Saturday, and were open for one more day, the following Monday, to take in art. It was a juried show, which means, they don’t hang all […]

Do you like your nose? And why it matters.

Do you like your nose? Yes, your nose. It is in the middle of your face and you see it every day when you look in the mirror. Some people have small dainty noses, and other people have noses that are wider and round at the end. Why does it matter if you like your […]

How to find Joy when you run out

When I went to hand-wash my dishes, all three bottles of Joy dishwasher liquid were empty. There was no joy in my house. I had run out of Joy to wash my dishes; I had run out of joy to smile. My friend’s name is Joy. Several years ago I promised to pray for her […]