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I broke my finger and learned two valuable lessons

I broke the ring finger on my right hand at 7:15 p.m., Saturday, April 22nd. The dog leash wrapped around the ring finger of my right hand as I was putting Annie, our Golden Retriever in the back of the van. She jumped out of the van before I could close the van door, or grab the lease. My finger is broken at the first joint.


I broke my finger and learned two valuable lessons

Lesson #1

Don’t wrap the dog leash around your finger.

Lesson #2

Don’t act like a maid, or you will be treated like one.

Because of the splint on my finger, I can’t wash the dishes,  sweep, vacuum or clean the litter boxes.

For the next three weeks, I am not cleaning the seven litter boxes, sweeping, vacuuming or doing the dishes. All the household chores are delegated on a weekly rotation.

My list of tasks are grocery shopping and picking up the dog poop in the backyard.

After the three weeks are finished, and my finger can fit in a rubber glove again, I will continue to rotate the household chores among the family members.

And, my new motto, learned from having a broken finger:

Homes are a family affair, a navy ship not a cruise ship. Share household chores. Click To Tweet


Do you run a cruise ship or a navy ship? Do you serve or delegate? Please click here to comment.


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  • EmFairley

    Ouch!!! Hope you’re feeling better, Pamela. Sending love and very gentle healing hugs!

  • Sue Sutherlin

    Wow! What a VALUABLE lesson. I’m sorry you had to break your finger to teach that lesson to yourself and your family. I almost think it would be worth the inconvenience of a broken finger to teach that lesson to my family (well . . . maybe not . . . but I think the willingness of others would be much higher if I was truly incapacitated). I DID teach all my children to do their own laundry, around the time they turned 12. Sadly, I didn’t do such a good job of teaching them to wash dishes. I don’t ‘tweet’, but I love your tweetable quote – I think I might print it and frame it and hang it where all can see!

  • La McCoy

    I am very poud of you and sorry your fiinger broke.
    So i can rotate house hold taks with Edel and now Ella?
    I wonder what that rotation schedule would be?
    Edel does help picing up the poo in the back yard.
    Ella has been licking he kitchen clean.
    Must think about this one.

  • Terri Kiral

    Sorry about your finger, Angela. – Most of the time, it’s a cruise ship around here. Just me and my husband. Occasionally, the Captain, me, exercises authority and sees some productive results. I’m hoping the “sharing” part gets better without having to break a finger. – Here’s hoping you heal quickly. See you Sunday at writer’s group.

  • Lorraine Norwood

    Great quote — I’m so glad you’ve decided to take yourself out of being the household drudge. All hands on deck! Thanks for the post. Get better soon.

    • Thank you Lorraine, I miss writing. It is hard to type. I hope you are well. Off to go and man the Navy Ship. 🙂