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This is my now page. A great idea from Derek Sivers. If you have a now page, share it with Derek at https://www.sivers.org/nowff

Now I am sewing a cat costume for Jimmy Fallon. In case he wants to be a cat. I am also mailing him a package of tighty whites, a wooden cat and several books, “How To Be a Cat.” My cat wrote the book. You can read reviews for the book or get a copy at http://www.howtobeacat.com

I moved my art studio into the basement. Just waiting for Philip, a kind contractor to put in baseboard heat.

I am taking a six-week memoir class with Marion Roach Smith. The class starts December 6th.

What are you working on now?

p.s. My toys come alive in the month of December at midnight for Toycember. Last night they overhead me talking about the Pennsylvania Dutch using potato’s to make designs on the walls in the kitchen. You can follow the toys here on facebook, or on Instagram.


Well, that’s all for now.